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Mihai Codoban codo at
Mon Nov 26 10:27:12 PST 2012


I am a graduate student from the University of Illinois at Urbana -
Champaign and I am working on a project involving repository histories.
LibreOffice could be relevant to my research data since it has a rich
history and activity.

After reading through your project history I understand that initial
development was done in SVN then you switched to Git.
If you are willing to help, I need some more information about your project
regarding the switch over to Git. For this I need either of the below:
- the timestamp when the switch from SVN to Git happened
- the Git commit ID of the first commit on Git following the switch
over, such that all previous commits are from SVN and all subsequent
commits are from Git

Also, if you used some other source code management tool could you please
tell me which one and how its commits are distributed through the git repo.

Thank you,
Mihai Codoban
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