[ANNOUNCE] Python 3.3 is now bundled with LibreOffice 4.0

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Tue Nov 27 08:11:19 PST 2012

with the commit 38a22a9026a3d8a67f3e16ec650960a10b527d25 "Switch from
python to python3" Python 3.3 is now bundled with LibreOffice when
configured --enable-python=internal.

with the commit 602b746330d21ae1b9c0fc60eb0980ed92cd5680 "configure:
switch system Python minimum to 3.3" the minimum version for a system
Python (when using --enable-python=system) has been raised to 3.3;
however for a transition period of a few releases it will still be
possible to use a Python 2 version 2.6 or later, by explicitly setting

there are currently no known issues with pyuno (remotely) and Python
Script Provider when running on Python 3.

there are still some bits of Python code that are not yet ported to run
on Python 3, such as the email sending stuff in scripting/source/pyprov/
and LightProof but hopefully we'll get that done before 4.0 release.

thanks to Christian Lohmaier for his work to get internal python3
packaged on Mac OS X, to Laszlo Nemeth for advice in porting the Python
Script Provider extension, and to Xisco Fauli for porting the Python
based Wizards.

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