[ANNOUNCE] Python 3.3 is now bundled with LibreOffice 4.0

Németh László nemeth.lacko at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 04:42:34 PST 2012

Hi Michael and all,

Many thanks for your great work! I have started to test and fix Lightproof
with Python 3.3, and I will post the results.


2012/11/28 Olivier Hallot <olivier.hallot at documentfoundation.org>

> Although the fix for expat and element—tree is is removing dirty expat
> from solenv/, Lightproof is not operational. I did a clean dev-install and
> ./soffice console shows the issue.
> Olivier
> Em 27/11/2012 14:11, "Michael Stahl" <mstahl at redhat.com> escreveu:
>> with the commit 38a22a9026a3d8a67f3e16ec650960a10b527d25 "Switch from
>> python to python3" Python 3.3 is now bundled with LibreOffice when
>> configured --enable-python=internal.
>> with the commit 602b746330d21ae1b9c0fc60eb0980ed92cd5680 "configure:
>> switch system Python minimum to 3.3" the minimum version for a system
>> Python (when using --enable-python=system) has been raised to 3.3;
>> however for a transition period of a few releases it will still be
>> possible to use a Python 2 version 2.6 or later, by explicitly setting
>> there are currently no known issues with pyuno (remotely) and Python
>> Script Provider when running on Python 3.
>> there are still some bits of Python code that are not yet ported to run
>> on Python 3, such as the email sending stuff in scripting/source/pyprov/
>> and LightProof but hopefully we'll get that done before 4.0 release.
>> thanks to Christian Lohmaier for his work to get internal python3
>> packaged on Mac OS X, to Laszlo Nemeth for advice in porting the Python
>> Script Provider extension, and to Xisco Fauli for porting the Python
>> based Wizards.
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