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Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
         Depends on|40788                       |

--- Comment #172 from Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> ---
For the record: Norbert Scheibner has added
* Bug 56742 - “conditional formatings got lost in copyed spreadsheet
  after fileclose”
* Bug 40788 - “FORMATTING - Calc ignores manual breaks when ‘fit to number
  of pages’ is chosen”
I have removed bug 40788 here again, because it is already included in the
“LibreOffice 3.5 most annyoing bugs” list. Of course, we will close the 3.5 MAB
soon, but nevertheless a bug should never be included in more than one MAB
list, see http://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Most_Annoying_Bugs ...

@ Norber Scheibner:
Thank you for nominations, but please *always* add a comment citing the bug
summaries when you add bugs to a MAB list.

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