Java/SWING + VCL / X crasher ...

Ignaz Forster ignaz.forster at
Thu Nov 29 02:11:39 PST 2012

Am 28.11.2012 19:04, schrieb Andrew Haley:
> I wonder if there's something you've been doing that I haven't.

I don't think I did anything special...

To be sure I reproduced the problem at home (this time with a single 
core CPU) using the Fedora Live CD:

- Download 64-bit Fedora 17 KDE Spin
- Boot live CD (had to use base graphics mode on this PC)
- yum install libreoffice-kde libreoffice-writer
- Open Konqueror and download, 
open file directly with Ark, open WollMux.oxt directly from archive and 
confirm installation in LibreOffice
- Close LibreOffice
- Start "libreoffice --writer"
- Click "Tools" -> "Extension Manager..."
- Close dialog
- Click "Tools" -> "Extension Manager..." again
--> Segmentation fault

The segmentation fault happened on every PC I've tried so far, be it 
with Java 6 (>=1.6.0_24) or Java 7 (not sure in which version it was 
introduced here), Sun/Oracle or OpenJDK, or LibreOffice, 
booting from hard disk, CD or USB stick and independent of the 

The environment variable SAL_SYNCHRONIZE is not set on your PC, is it? 
Having it set prevented the crash on some systems, though it didn't seem 
to have any effect on Fedora anyway...


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