Java/SWING + VCL / X crasher ...

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Thu Nov 29 08:27:05 PST 2012

On 29/11/12 16:42, Andrew Haley wrote:
> On 11/29/2012 03:09 PM, Andrew Haley wrote:
>> Got it!  Only seems to happen if I'm using KDE as a local login.  I was
>> running it remotely on an XFCE desktop.
> Please help: I can't figure out how to run this program from the commend
> line.  I need to start it in gdb, with no wrapper scripts.


cd /usr/lib64/libreoffice/program/
gdb --args ./soffice.bin

if it exits with 0121 (81) it just initialized something, re-run it.

of course easiest is to just attach to already running soffice.bin
process :)

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