[design] XML filter for templates, how to change default shape colors etc.

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 29 14:16:05 PST 2012

Hey Alexander,

> sorry for breaking the build :/

Happens to everybody from time to time. Just for the next time it
might be good to do a full compile for such changes.

> Stephan Bergmann wasn't sure whether it'd be better to revert the
> commit or update the tests.

Well actually the right solution is to do neither of the two. The
patch catches that through your change old documents are looking
different now. So we actually should find a way to make the old
documents import as before. I think Thorsten already mentioned this in
another mail.

> Since I didn't find a straight-forward way to adapt the test to the new
> colors (Would I have to adapt a test-document?) I guess it's better to
> revert it for now. Or should I wait for a response from Stephan?

As explained I think the right solution is to adapt the import code
but for the test the reference file are in sd/qa/unit/data/*

So if you really want to change the reference files because you are
aware of the change you just need to create them newly and commit


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