Bug 34465 - get rid of all calls to virtual const SfxPoolItem* Put( const SfxPoolItem&, USHORT nWhich)

Maciej Rumianowski maciej.rumianowski at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 06:19:24 PST 2012

Hi Bjoern,

thanks for reply :)

So, to change the conditionals, we need to make sure the state is
> consistent.
> Thus:
> - adding the asserts
Do you mean  DBG_ASSERT or real assert? How do debug those  DBG_ASSERT,
when compiling I don't get a lot of output. My command is
make 2>&1 | tee build.log.all

and autogen.lastrun

> Does that make sense?
I get the Idea, but I need to check some places in code.
I will suspend all my other changes in SfxItemSet and first clean things
with disabled items. I will post patches that it could be tested on other

Best Regards,
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