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Noel Power nopower at
Fri Nov 30 06:28:48 PST 2012

On 30/11/12 13:16, Christian Lohmaier wrote:
> Hi Noel, *,
> I might be missing something - but a spreadsheet document is not a
> screencast video...
doh!! but obviously I copied the wrong link is what I meant
> for me the high bit rate "--v_bitrate  2000000" was necessary to smoothly
> capture mouse movements,
> Strange that the bitrate has impact - should have been the framerate..
> But with low bitrate the image gets "muddy", so maybe that's what you
> meant.
no really for me the main problem was it seemed not to pick up fast 
movements I can't recall exactly now whether it was additionally 
'muddy', don't think it was but...
>> [...]
>> so.. onto the subtitles lots of google hits make me try 'aegisub' but this
>> was a waste of time for me, just didn't work,
> Works excellent for me :-) - but may need a little time to get used to
> on how to define when a subtitle should be displayed (in other words
> on how to do timing)
unfortunately aegisub really just didn't work, complained about no video 
provider ( or some error that sounded vaguely like that ). From looking 
around it appeared it should use ffmpeg but aegisub didn't see it and 
didn't provide a way for me to point it at it ( there was a box in the 
options for choosing a video provider but it was grayed out, there was 
also a config file I tried to hack all to no avail )  so I just gave up :-(
> My key point is to not use a chain of lossless conversions, but only
> to do the lossless one as last step.
as interesting as the arcade of options to the various tools above is ( 
thanks for posting them :-), sometime I will find the time to look at 
them more closely ) what I really was after was a way to go from ogv 
video file ( or .ass if you prefer ) -> ogv file with re-encoded 
subtitles ideally *without* the need to download restricted formats [*] 
not sure if the info above tells me that, I guess I need more time to 
study what's there more


[*] not that I am not adverse to downloading restricted codecs and the 
like but I tend to keep my work desktop machine clear of stuff from 
non-distro ( e.g. packman and the like ) repos that can cause zypper to 
complain about this version and that version of this and that 
conflicting etc. when upgrading installing etc.

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