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--- Comment #181 from Joel Madero <jmadero.dev at gmail.com> ---
3.5 MAB are still being addressed, the procedure is that these bugs are
highlighted for the developers but with the vast amount of bugs, enhancements,
etc... being done all the time, some MAB get "brought over" to the new version
(for instance some 3.5 bugs may come over to 3.6 bugs but that isn't happening
yet). Furthermore, it is at the discretion of the developers which MAB comes
first -- how old a bug is isn't the main criteria in most cases, it's really
how annoying the bug is for the most amount of people coupled with what
developer(s) know that part of the code enough to tackle the issue.

The other issue is that some MAB are not in fact MAB and were put there without
independent review (this is a requirement for MAB's amongst other
requirements). These bugs may be taken off the MAB list at some point but our
developers are working hard on fixing bugs that have already been independently
verified to be a MAB for many users. Most of the times this means a major
feature of LibO isn't working properly, and can often include crashes, memory
leaks, etc....

If you want to get more involved with how policies are made and help us
continue to make LibO better,  please join us over at QA, we always welcome a
fresh opinion.

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