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Mon Oct 1 05:18:32 PDT 2012

Hi Mariano,

On Fri, 2012-09-28 at 15:19 -0300, Mariano Gaudix wrote:
> This is    my concept   of   graphical Interface for LibreOffice .
> Written in Gtk 3.0  a  small  POC   

	First - thanks for taking the time to create that, it looks pretty :-)

	Secondly - the question to me, is how to take this further, I have a
few ideas here:

	From a licensing perspective, to incorporate your design work we'd need
an MPLv2 license from you - hopefully that's possible.

	Beyond that - one of the big design / UI directions we want to move in
is away from direct formatting - ie. forcing a font to be of a given
name, and text to be 'bold' etc. Instead - we badly want to move in the
direction of making style based editing (of course, we can have styles
that match bold / other-fonts) easy to understand and use.

	Prototyping new UI ideas for making styles easy to use, see, apply and
understand is awesome.

	Of course we're rapidly improving the UI of LibreOffice, and that
process is set to accelerate now Caolan has landed his nice new layout
code. That for the first time allows us to tweak, re-arrange and layout
dialogs much more easily, and without re-compling (using glade).

	Having said that I don't think this level of radical change will be
easy to get right all at once. So - if you're committed to your design
(as I imagine you will be ;-) - I'd love to see you be able to re-use
the rendering core of LibreOffice to render your document pixels: a bit
like WebKit / Gecko. We have a sketch plan around a 'liblibreoffice' to
make that possible for people, and we're doing something a bit like that
for Android thus far - clearly some small investment there would enable
a world of fun new design experimentation :-)

	So - thanks for the prototype ! it's always great to get new design
input. Having said that, much of the input we value most is carefully
thinking through the incremental changes we make, and creating designs
for new features - that happens on our ux-advise list: good to get
involved there.

	Thoughts ?


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