Libre Office immproovemnt suggestions

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Thu Oct 4 00:35:30 PDT 2012

Hi Lukas,

ls.discipulus.dei píše v St 03. 10. 2012 v 17:14 +0200:

> Pdf has become our international format, so I would like to be able to
> save as pdf, edit it and save it again (also automatically).

This is a developer channel, to discuss code, for user questions or
suggestions, please use other mailing lists.  But this time, I'll answer
you ;-)

LibreOffice is able to save to so called "hybrid PDF" - when exporting
to PDF, choose "Embed OpenDocument file: Makes this PDF easily editable
in LibreOffice" (in older versions this was called "Save to hybrid PDF"
or something), and you'll get what you want - you'll get a PDF that will
be readable in the PDF viewers, but when you open it in LibreOffice, it
will be perfectly editable as the original file.

All the best,

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