Request for help building LO on Windows - unistd missing errors

Andras Timar timar74 at
Fri Oct 5 01:01:14 PDT 2012

Hi Eyal,

2012/10/5 Eyal Rozenberg <eyalroz at>:
> Hi,
> (I'm not sure this list is the right venue - please tell me if it isn't.)
> In the hopes of implementing this missing feature:
> I'm trying to build LO on Windows (XP). I seem to have downloaded everything
> necessary, passing the autogen and with make starting to work. But I'm stuck
> building nss, where I get errors regarding a missing unistd.h while building
> soltools.

I also had this problem and I pushed patches that fixed the problem
for me, so you probably need to git pull -r. unistd.h is an empty
stub, you can also copy it manually from soltools to

Best regards,

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