[PATCH] fdo#50950 modify calc functions WEEKNUM(_ADD) to comply with ODFF1.2

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Fri Oct 5 03:25:57 PDT 2012

Attached patch modifies the calc functions WEEKNUM and WEEKNUM_ADD to respectively ISOWEEKNUM and WEEKNUM. These latter functions comply with ODFF1.2
The link to the help files has been broken, i.e. WEEKNUM now points to the (partially out of date) help text for WEEKNUM_ADD, but ISOWEEKNUM does not point to a help text.

One important matter  is still open:
When opening calc-documents that use the 'old' functions, they are not always computed correctly. The 'new' functions differ in paramter count.
I do not know where to add code for backward compatibility when opening these documents, but with some help/hints I might be able to fix that.


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