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Alexander Ernst post.ubuntu at googlemail.com
Sat Oct 6 02:36:25 PDT 2012


I have a Libre-Office-Calc Problem. I think it is really a
"Libre-Office-Problem" and I don't know, who can help or who can solve the
problem. The poblem is very annoying. :-/

If I have opened more than one File, the function of "multi-tasking"
between the Files will be lost after a short time. I use  Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
on a Lenovo G550 notebook. The mistake comes, if I use different methodes
to open existing spreadsheets a) double-Click with the Mouse-Pointer or b)
I open the Spreadsheets through the Selection by arrow-keys and OPEN it
with RETURN. I think, that is the reason for the mistake.

My Solution is: I use the Working-Place-Button and devide the spreadsheets
to all 4 possible Desktop-Screens. I reach the 4 spreadsheets only by the
"Working-Place-Button" that is the only possibility to work with more than
1 spreadsheet.

Thx for your time to read, I hope, my Mail reach a Developer who can solve
the Problem.


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