master build broken ?

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbf.faure at
Sun Oct 7 19:58:18 PDT 2012

Le 07/10/2012 21:53, Jean-Baptiste Faure a écrit :
> Hi all,
> Since yesterday I can't build the master. Build seems to loop endless at
> this stage:
Sorry, forgot to add some infos: my system is Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 and my
last build of the master without problem was Friday

Best regards.

>> [build MOD] sw
>> [build LNK] CppunitTest/
>> [build CUT] sw_macros_test
>> [build CUT] sw_subsequent_ooxmlexport
>> [build CUT] sw_subsequent_ooxmlimport
>> [build CUT] sw_subsequent_ww8export
>> [build CUT] sw_subsequent_ww8import
>> [build CUT] sw_subsequent_rtfexport
>> [build CUT] sw_filters_test
>> [build CUT] sc_ucalc
>> [build LNK] CppunitTest/
>> [build SLC] sw
>> [build LNK] Library/
>> [build LNK] Library/
>> [build SLC] tail_end
>> [build SLC] loaded modules: MathMLDTD Mesa UnoControls accessibility
>> afms animations apache_commons apple_remote autodoc avmedia basctl
>> basebmp basegfx basic bean binaryurp bluez_bluetooth bridges canvas
>> chart2 cli_ure clucene codemaker comphelper configmgr connectivity
>> cosv cppcanvas cppu cppuhelper cpputools cui dbaccess desktop
>> dictionaries drawinglayer dtrans editeng embeddedobj embedserv
>> eventattacher extensions extras fileaccess filter forms formula
>> fpicker framework helpcompiler hsqldb hwpfilter i18npool i18nutil idl
>> idlc io javaunohelper jfreereport jurt jvmaccess jvmfwk l10ntools
>> libcdr libcmis libmspub liborcus libvisio libwpd libwpg libwps
>> lingucomponent linguistic lotuswordpro mdds more_fonts nlpsolver
>> np_sdk o3tl offapi officecfg oovbaapi oox package padmin
>> psprint_config pyuno rdbmaker readlicense_oo regexp registry
>> remotebridges reportbuilder reportdesign ridljar rsc salhelper sane
>> sax saxon sc scaddins sccomp scp2 scripting sd sdext sfx2 shell
>> slideshow smoketest sot starmath stoc store svl svtools svx sw swext
>> tail_end test testtools tomcat toolkit tools touch translations tubes
>> twain ucb ucbhelper ucpp udkapi udm unixODBC unodevtools unoil unotest
>> unotools unoxml ure uui vbahelper vcl vigra wizards writerfilter
>> writerperfect x11_extensions xmerge xmlhelp xmloff xmlreader xmlscript
>> xmlsecurity xsltml
>  Any hint ?
> Best regards.

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