[PATCH] Introducing compiler plugin support

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Mon Oct 8 08:01:33 PDT 2012

On 05/10/12 18:22, Lubos Lunak wrote:
>  Hello,
>  attached is my implementation of basic build support for using Clang compiler 
> plugin during building LO. I'm posting it here first in case our build system 
> people have different ideas to how I have integrated it in the build system, 
> if there are no comments, I will push it.

hmm... so that effectively needs to be built as a "bootstrap" step and
the build system basically assumes that it's been done already.  which
seems appropriate since probably ~everything would need to have a
dependency on it otherwise.

the stuff used for bootstrap seems to live in the top-level directory
and solenv/ (and dmake/) currently... but i don't really have an opinion
on how that should look...

only problem is that this seems to generate files below the new
compilerplugins/ dir, in the source tree...  which doesn't make it any
worse than other parts of the bootstrapping.

> +$(CLANGOUTDIR)/compileplugin.so: $(2)
> +$(CLANGOUTDIR)/compileplugin.so: CLANGOBJS += $(2)
> +
> +$(CLANGOUTDIR)/compileplugin.so: $(CLANGOBJS)

there's a bit of redundancy there.
hmm actually the .so only has .o dependecies so could just use $^ in the

> +	mkdir -p $(CLANGOUTDIR)

i vaguely remember problems with directories in make 3.81 but that was
probably with pattern rules... ah right in a trivial test this seems to
work with 3.81.

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