Beanshell and Javascript extensions not registered in master build

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Mon Oct 8 09:12:51 PDT 2012

Le 08/10/2012 13:28, David Tardon a écrit :

Hi David,

> These two script providers have been changed from extensions to optional
> components, which means there are no oxt files. For javascript provider,
> you should have solver/unx*/bin/js.jar,
> solver/unx*/bin/ScriptProviderForJavaScript.jar and
> solver/unx*/xml/scriptproviderforjavascript.rdb in solver; and
> install/program/classes/js.jar,
> install/program/classes/ScriptProviderForJavaScript.jar and
> install/program/services/scriptproviderforjavascript.rdb in the
> installation dir.

The files are there alright, they just aint doing anything :-)


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