getting started with bug 45904

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at
Wed Oct 10 01:12:09 PDT 2012


> I am a 2012 cse graduate with an interest in c++ development. I was thinking
> about fixing the bug number as mentioned above. But i am new to bugzilla and
> each time i open a new bug, there ain;t any description of it only some
> comments by the users. What should i do to get started with the development.
> My c++ skills are of a recent grad.

Great that you have an interested in helping us. As mentor for this
easy hack I'm trying to outline what needs to be done for this easy

First of all you need a libreoffice build as explained at . For this
task you benefit very much from a build with junit so that you can run
both the java based api tests and also the c++ based cppunit tests.

Then the second step is to pick one of the existent java based api
tests. Best you start with a simple one from sc (calc core) where I
can help you. Porting one of the tests normally consists of two steps:
First writing a test for the interface and secondly using these test
methods in an test that is written against a specific implementation
of the interface.

An easy example is XNamed ([1]) which is used for example in
ScNamedRangeObj  ([2] as part of the XNamedRange interface) and the
test code for the XNamed interface in test ([3],[4]) and then a test
against the implementation ([5]).

You should start with such an easy example and when you are
comfortable with writing such tests you can transform one of the
failing java based tests and debug the c++ based test to fix the
underlying problem.

You find the java based test code for both the interfaces and the
services in qaDevOOo/tests/

If you have more questions or need more help please write a mail or
ask on #libreoffice-dev.



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