[PATCH] gbuildification of jpeg

David Ostrovsky (via Code Review) gerrit at gerrit.libreoffice.org
Thu Oct 11 00:38:31 PDT 2012


I have submitted a patch for review:


To pull it, you can do:

    git pull ssh://gerrit.libreoffice.org:29418/core refs/changes/56/856/1

gbuildification of jpeg

Change-Id: I466f13f1132103bc20b9918411a54fd3106f4553
M Makefile.top
M RepositoryExternal.mk
M config_host.mk.in
M configure.in
A jpeg/Makefile
A jpeg/Module_jpeg.mk
A jpeg/StaticLibrary_jpeg.mk
A jpeg/UnpackedTarball_jpeg.mk
A jpeg/configs/jconfig.h
D jpeg/jpeg-8c.patch
D jpeg/makefile.mk
A jpeg/patches/jpeg-8c-jmorecfg.patch
R jpeg/patches/struct_alignment.patch
M jpeg/prj/build.lst
M jpeg/prj/d.lst
D jpeg/prj/dmake
16 files changed, 223 insertions(+), 261 deletions(-)

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Gerrit-Change-Id: I466f13f1132103bc20b9918411a54fd3106f4553
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