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--- Comment #141 from Rainer Bielefeld <LibreOffice at bielefeldundbuss.de> ---
Really added Bug 54898

for the records, latest "nominations" were
"Bug 54898 - : sum error with hours in Pivot Table (AKA Data Pilot)"
"Bug 53924 - FORMATTING: PRINTING changes text (space get's removed) on OS X

may I ask you to follow Romans hints (he created for the 3.7 MAB tracking bugs)
what would help to use these tracking Bugs more effective?

That especially means:
Please always Copy / Paste the complete summary of the "nominated" bug to your
comment in the MAB tracking bug. So aAll in CC, especially Developers and QA
staff on lists, see immediately concerning what that problem that bug is. Some
"fdo#xyz" is not useful because in the Bugzilla Daemon mails nobody can see
Concerning what problem the new bug is, he has to visit the bug, and that's
some work, because neither in mail nor in comment a link will be created.

Thank you!

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