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Sat Oct 13 13:45:26 PDT 2012

Hi everyone,

In trying to better assess the TDF/LibreOffice funding requirements, we 
are compiling a wishlist of funding request particular to your team's 
needs. While there is no guarantee that this will get you funding for 
any particular item, it will help to better assess and prioritize the 
project's needs.

I have volunteered to take care of setting up, as well as, document 
(facilitate) the proposal from Florian (below)[1]


"What we effectively need now is a (senseful) wishlist from the various 
teams. Think of it as a Christmas wishlist: You write a dozen things on 
it, eventually you get two or three, which is fantastic!

Besides the infrastructure and cost for ongoing operations, I can also 
imagine some developer machines are required, more travel funding, a 
marketing campaign, funds to produce collaterals and swags for giving 
them away, and many more.

My proposal is to create a wiki page, asking the various groups to write 
down their wishes, and eventually "distill" a wishlist out of that.

Does that sound senseful? Are there any volunteers for mailing the 
various lists and compiling an initial wiki page? " (Florian Effenberger)


I think the key words in Florian's proposal are "senseful-whishlist". If 
there are multiple items, you may want to prioritize them in the right 

I have set up a wiki page to collect your team's list[2]. Feel free to 
add these to the wiki page after discussing it with your team, or, I can 
also help out with collecting your suggestions by re-visiting this 
thread and then add them to the wiki page.




Marc Paré
Marc.Pare at

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