New Easy Hack Tracking System -- Developer Input Required

Joel Madero at
Mon Oct 15 15:37:36 PDT 2012

i'm happy with that as well. Our team needs to commit more to adding that
status as frequently as possible. We've been specifically requested by the
devs to be on the lookout for easy hacks. I'll add proposedeasyhack to
those few and remove the wiki entry. I'll let them know at our next call
that we're going to be more aggressive at putting this whiteboard status.

Thanks for the communication. Not sure if you noticed but the google doc is
updated, your section is now fresh and ready to be tackled.


On Mon, Oct 15, 2012 at 2:51 PM, Jack Leigh <leighman at> wrote:

> Joel,
> I have just been adding ProposedEasyHack whiteboard status which I think
> is easier that having to add it to a wiki page too.
> A query on bugzilla for NEW bugs with that status gives 48 results.
> I think we just need a/some developer(s) to commit to checking that list
> every so often and making the transition.
> Cheers,
> Jack

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