BSA + New Wiki = No Good

Rob Snelders rob at
Fri Oct 19 02:58:32 PDT 2012

Hi All,

I resend this message so Florian will also receive it.
I did say that yesterday on the IRC. Since a little while I have been 
working a bit on the BSA.
I seems that with the change of the wiki that the HTML-output of the 
BugReport_Details has been changed.
After the conference I want to look at it. I can run a diff on the old 
and the new output and see what has changed.

For now the BSA on the website still works. But we can't update it at 
the moment so It will have to
be fixed but it can be done a little later.

Rob Snelders

Op 19-10-12 11:24, Florian Effenberger schreef:
> Hi,
> I am not subscribed to the FDO list, so please keep me in Cc for your 
> replies.
> Joel Madero wrote on 2012-10-19 07:48:
>> Now it's confirmed, here is the error:
> I have no idea what the script does, so I probably cannot be of too 
> much help here. :( I guess it's a parsing error. All previously 
> installed extensions should be available again, but the page template 
> changed a bit. Maybe that causes the error and the parser needs some 
> adjustments?
> Florian

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