PhD Candidate Asking for New (<2 years) Developers for Survey on LibO

Joel Madero at
Mon Oct 22 12:48:54 PDT 2012

Hi All,

This is a tad bit off base, so I'll apologize for that in advance.

We have a user who is a PhD candidate and is doing several papers on FLOSS.
Currently he's collecting data and is on LibreOffice development. He's
looking for volunteers to fill out a survey (hoping for at least 20-30).
The survey takes about 20 minutes, is quite straight forward and the only
requirement is that you have contributed for <2 years counting both LibO
and OOo time.

If you're interested please just respond to this and I'll pass on your info
to the person running the survey. If you want to just directly do the
survey you can find it here:

I think that this would be really good for us, when he starts publishing
he'll keep us informed and it could go in some of our press releases.


*Joel Madero*
LibO QA Volunteer at
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