Build Error

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Wed Oct 24 08:18:21 PDT 2012

On 24/10/12 16:57, Joel Madero wrote:
> On 10/24/2012 07:28 AM, Joel Madero wrote:
>> Not that I know of. I haven't changed my method at all. I've been basing my make
>> of the same ./autogen that I've been using for months.
>> Do I have to change something? If so, suggestions on how to do it? Appreciate
>> it, this is becoming an issue as I can't triage correctly without a master build
> To track down what's really going on there, can you execute the three
> following lines each from a shell where you would issue the failing
> "make" and capture the output please:
> /usr/lib

ouch, that is clearly bad.
any idea where that would come from? i.e. grep around in /etc and ~/.*

i remember once having a problem on a particular Solaris box that was
caused by something in /etc setting a braindamaged  LD_LIBRARY_PATH :)

> [build CUT] sal_osl_file
> S=/data/git/libo && O=$S/solver/ <> &&
> W=$S/workdir/ <> &&  mkdir -p
> $W/CppunitTest/ &&
>   $O/bin/cppunit/cppunittester
> $W/LinkTarget/CppunitTest/ --headless
> "-env:LIBLANGTAG_SHARE=file://$S/solver/
> <>"   > $W/CppunitTest/sal_osl_file.test.log 2>&1 ||
> (cat $W/CppunitTest/sal_osl_file.test.log && echo; echo "Error: a unit
> test failed, please do one of:"; echo;
> echo "export DEBUGCPPUNIT=TRUE            # for exception catching";
> echo "export GDBCPPUNITTRACE=\"gdb --args\" # for interactive
> debugging"; echo "export VALGRIND=memcheck            # for memory
> checking" ; echo "and retry." && false))
> Failed to load dynamic library:
> /data/git/libo/workdir/
> <>
> /usr/lib/ version `LIBO_UDK_3.7' not found (required by
> /data/git/libo/workdir/
> <>)

that is the expected failure then.

this could have worked previously because until some weeks ago the build
system replaced the LD_LIBRARY_PATH. but now it appends to it and that
is the right thing to do.

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