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Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> changed:

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--- Comment #156 from Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> ---
Added bug 55939 - “FILESAVE RTF export faulty file when text has footnotes”.

This is an important regression introduced in LibreOffice (not present
until, and also affecting all 3.6.x and Master builds. It makes it
*impossible* to save any Writer file containing any footnotes in RTF format,
because the RTF file will be corrupted (non-matching braces).

I add the bug to this (3.6 MAB) list, and not to the 3.5 MAB list (bug 37361),
because AFAIK the 3.5 MAB list is more or less closed now. (No more 3.5.x
releases are planned officially, even if it is possible that there will be a
3.5.8 release. IMHO this bug, being a regression *during* the 3.5.x release
would be one more good reason to actually release a 3.5.8 version, just to fix
such late regressions. ;-))

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