Request hold 3.6.3 final release for fdo#53474 - Windows Accessibility

V Stuart Foote VStuart.Foote at
Thu Oct 25 08:26:53 PDT 2012

Would ask to have 3.6.3 final release held, and proceed with a 3.6.3. rc3 build.
Stephan Bergmann's Patch for fdo#53474 requires some testing, but if fully functional will return Java Accessibility based Assistive Technology support to the Windows users that otherwise can not use LibreOffice.
Proceeding with 3.6.3 rc2 designation as final ignores what by convention should have been a blocker at the 3.6.0 transition to gbuild. There has been no functional accessibility for Windows users in the 3.6 tree.
I'm sure there are a couple of other issues that could probably be buttoned up with back ports, and with the prominence of the Berlin conference--risk of slipping 3.6.3 final release a day or two to assure functional accessibility with an additional rc3 build seems warranted.
Stuart Foote
LibO QA Volunteer
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