STRING * n support in StarBasic

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Mon Oct 29 03:37:35 PDT 2012

Noel wrote:
> Nobert wrote:
> > So I guess my question is: while migrating to OUString, should we
>> care about the corner-case and other oddities associated with 'fixed'
>> String.
> I would say no ( otherwise some support for fixed strings would need to 
> be introduced for unknown if any benefit )

	Agreed; it seems really rather unlikely that combat coders have relied
on this 64k limit in such a way that extending it will cause significant
problems; and (no doubt) they will report it as/when they do, and then
we can think again.

	No doubt it is/was possible to rely on the old size limited behaviour
of our native strings in StarBasic in the same way, but IMHO we should
up all those limits anyway as we unify our strings.

	Good catch with the casts though ! :-)



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