Tinderbox MacOSX failures

Lior Kaplan kaplanlior at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 08:46:11 PDT 2012


log for /Volumes/TBRAM/core/tail_
> build/prj
> /Volumes/TBRAM/core/Module_tail_build.mk:27:
> /Volumes/TBRAM/core//dictionaries/Module_dictionaries.mk: No such file or
> directory
> Makefile:17: *** Corrupted module target stack! .  Stop.
> ERROR: error 512 occurred while making /Volumes/TBRAM/core/tail_build/prj

I'm quite annoyed from these tinderbox failures (meaning the system does
its job well), can someone take a look at the error ? The commits are
piling up.



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Subject: Tinderbox failure, MacOSX-Intel at 1-built_no-moz_on_10.6.8, MASTER,
last success: 2012-10-12 11:11:54
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Hi folks,

One of you broke the build of LibreOffice with your commit :-(
Please commit and push a fix ASAP!

Full log available at http://tinderbox.libreoffice.org/MASTER/status.html

Tinderbox info:

  Box name: MacOSX-Intel at 1-built_no-moz_on_10.6.8
  Branch: MASTER
  "starttime": 1351610774
  Machine: Darwin tpamac.local 10.8.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.8.0: Tue Jun
 7 16:33:36 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1504.15.3~1/RELEASE_I386 i386
  Configured with: --with-distro=LibreOfficeMacOSX

Commits since the last success:

==== core ====
  d34c069  make that mingw suffix patch mingw only
  f046e85  convert end/footnote dialog to .ui
  4194692  more_fonts: convert to ExternalPackage for incremental builds
  9148ad0  extras: extra_fonts needs to be a ExternalPackage
  d941d4d  fix character positions translation (partial fix for n#757387)
  0afd117  fix mingw cross-compilation of libxmlsec
  5644397  fdo#55514 put liblangtag dll to install set
  46412b4  mangle file mode to avoid breaking rebuilds
  047bc54  liblangtag needs glib too
  9da5178  fix mingw build of nss
  562c486  Build platform configure needs solenv/bin/getcompver.awk now
  5d95db9  Fix MSVC build: LIB is not in environment so set it for the
nmake command
  1f2c5dc  Try to fix Android tinderbox build
  bd2c14e  we have to have all tabpages in all modes now
  b6b71d7  squeeze all Exceptions through RuntimeException for exception sig
  ce3d66c  cancel on insert frame was inserting a frame
  23a324d  Try to fix a highly parallel build of libcmis with a non-system
  ddcf236  fdo#46808: Improve previous commit
  43d9f35  fdo#46808, Adapt linguistic2::LinguServiceManager UNO service to
new style
  273ee98  Rationale for webdav-neon vs. webdav
  5bce80a  Properly spell out "dbaccess"
  e6abcd4  fdo#46808, use service constructor for
  685852d  Correct location of the libtool-built libcurl
  c38d460  Reapply eda255b38d871bb7d20432e5730cc8c68b3e2942
  fd443f8  scp2: adapt to curl gbuildification
  551e8e1  fix typo
  136ae4b  sal_Bool to bool
  b56eb71  bInsWithFmt was always true
  04f4a0c  Somehow this change was lost during git rebase.
  7e04bc1  Remove unnecessary type casts.
  3562ffa  These are not used.
  f42fee3  Finally removed SvTreeEntryList.
  2a44d10  Remove remaining use of SvTreeEntryList.
  51ec031  Remove use of SvTreeEntryList from RemoveSelection.
  9d131fd  Let's use const where we can.
  fb01d8e  Use SvTreeListEntries to store child entries.
  9545c85  pyagenda: rework AgendaTemplate.py. Still some work to do
  4e63e4b  pyagenda: Add callwizard
  ec20c94  pyagenda: now it's possible to call the wizard remotely
  02dd461  pyagenda: Remove duplicate code
  6fa0930  pyletter: Translate the templates at runtime
  4a11a47  trivial empty-init String::Fill -> comphelper::padToLength
  ce26903  export icon set data into OOXML
  29c5324  fix warning
  57bdc45  add icon sets to manage conditional formats dlg
  ef4edac  fix crash with overlapping conditional formats
  7f5aab8  implement basic support for icon sets
  2b2c67c  extract same code into shared method
  22b0559  Revert "libwps: ensure that generated cxx files get built after
  6fcc7d5  Revert "libwps: need to depend on unpacked private headers:"
  edc7614  new toplevel make target dev-update to update non-symliked
  e922d0c  fix absolute path test in linkoo
  a6ec234  fix windows detection in linkoo
  1f62a03  gbuild: remove .a file before AR invocations:
  3f0f07c  gbuild: solve the UnpackedTarball header problem in concat-deps:
  45c7a7f  libwps: need to depend on unpacked private headers:
  7963c09  libwps: ensure that generated cxx files get built after unpack
  7a03039  add more missing use_unpacked
  ee582e9  Missing #include
  9f3a3ab  tweak curl gbuildification
  485498d  sw/qa: fix build in ooxmlexport
  ec06049  docx export: unit test table/cell borders export
  78a5ce3  docx export: explicitely use 'none' type for disabled cell
  69299e5  docx import: handle start/end attribute in tcBorders
  96f67ec  Updated core Project: binfilter
 9e1d8c9cfa1197c4fa5685240549fed3134e4f7c fdo#46808: Adapted to core
CalendarWrapper changes
  8fff6bf  fdo#46808, Adapt i18n::LocaleCalendar UNO service to new style
  d298182  fdo#46808: Fix previous commit
  eebcaa0  fdo#46808, use service constructor for task::JobExecutor
  96b60cf  Improve previous commit slightly
  39c556d  fdo#46808, Create new-style frame::AutoRecovery service
  7f4e5c8  Improve previous commit slightly
  9b63e4e  fdo#46808, use service constructor for
  ec4a5ba  Improve previous commit slightly
  3f8f2f4  inline #define that is only used in one place
  c326564  remove unused #define
  5b5f2b3  Improve previous commit slightly
  fecbe0e  inline #define that is only used in one place
  47943be  remove unused #define
  14d4579  Setting CLASSPATH/XCLASSPATH appears to be a leftover
  0f07512  convert curl to gbuild
  a3d9253  String -> OUString
  f5d9722  Revert "n#778140 fix import of w:fldSimple character properties"
  573af92  libwps: fix gcc warning too [-Wsign-promo]
  424bd89  libwps: fix sundry MSVC warnings
  68338ab  DOCX: w:doNotUseHTMLParagraphAutoSpacing should affect
  e5eb833  gbuild: gb_Library_PLAINLIBS_NONE zombie cleanup for android
  e755317  l10ntools: add missing dependency on sal headers
  cbe020b  Need -lm for Android for the exectuables that fontconfig builds
  6db0190  Use also -lm to be on the safe side
  e8768f2  Need gb_STDLIBS for mythes, too
  0ac7d3a  gb_STDLIBS already has the -l options
  87cac6b  gb_STDLIBS should contain -l options for the linking command line
  6571f07  Pass gb_STDLIBS in LIBS to the hunspell configure
  d72b774  Updated core Project: help
 23d7515757534fca7d50e1201745586adde4b8f6 fdo#42135 Add help for the button
export in Macro Organizer
  411cc0f  import RTF_DPROUNDR
  67a23b6  move setup of HUNSPELL_CFLAGS etc. to configure
  cda6b4e  fdo#56366: INetURLObject::decode: do not clip utf-32 to 16-bit
  12f7e27  Revert "Use relative submodule URLs"
  9a4f81c3  ./g doesn't support -s option or log command any more, use git
  0dd085f  UniString->rtl::OUStringBuffer
  8865b7f  fdo#55290: use the right native library name
  0cc05a8  fix mythes build
  99ef1f5  add mythes stuff to RepositoryExternal.mk for system-mythes
  327db9f  fix hunspell and mythes library names
  3076212  Update reference link for Hebrew Numbering System
  2e4ab69  convert hunspell to gbuild
  0b79b4e  another mythes fixup
  9e71649  fix some VS 2010 specific issues
  1d1bab4  fixup gbuildified mythes
  a94b902  sal_Bool to bool
  c3a586a  openldap: convert to gbuild
  eb28dd5  ooo.lst.in: keep the list sorted
  51fca81  epm: convert to gbuild
  c32566b  librsvg: clear d.lst and don't deliver unused headers; it's
  061674f  fix mythes
  7e2c27c  convert mythes to gbuild
  3fd0889  add SAL_WARN_UNUSED to some classes
  316a048  Variable X is reassigned a value before the old one has been used
  bf7240d  Resolves: fdo#56473 IDE: Crash when inserting a simple macro
  cf0453d  Resolves: fdo#38193 WRITER, DRAW: Media Player is missing in
Tools menu
  8da658b  String -> OUString
  72258d1  add languagetool to tail_build
  b76bca1  fix x11_extensions delivering
  ab594aa  RepositoryModule_ooo: add missing modules
  8bee0e0  tabs vs. spaces cleanup; and use QADEVOOO
  bb90189  sprinkle some more SAL_WARN_UNUSED around
  2914d52  remove xmlreader from string now I don't need it anymore
  1692cf6  drop unnecessary usings
  bce37db  fix linking on windows
  b596ce9  OUString cleanup finished in basctl
  fe6913b  OUString cleanup and some identation
  96ed67a  rtl::OUString to OUString clean up
  3149d33  usual int == sal_Int32 on 64bit and long == sal_Int32 on 32bit
  6df1405  loplugin: various objects that are never used
  850b4ce  t4 is always true, probably some debugging thing
  d4fb3b4  Remove unused overrideDataPath
  6affa4b  callcatcher: update list, stop hiding uncalled tests :-)
  ec64bf6  shell: use x64 zlib version here
  88b363a  there is no sal_textenc for Android
  0736a7d  bump to new .gitignore versions
  7b63321  unusedcode: sc: unused ctors
  beffbd8  fix top/left/right/bottom margin of RTF imported inline images
  7b60f3f  fdo#42407 fix RTF import of WMF images inside textframes
  a7cc503  ignore spaces while reading RTF image data
  5944eba  writerfilter: make it easy to debug the old RTF filter
  4a57011  use textframes for importing RTF_DPTXBX
  e690875  fix resource id
  750daab  Resolves: fdo#52353 navigation buttons disabled in read-only mode
  570b59e  fix fractured comment
  f72004d  chop last string out into generic .src
  9874f2f  fix x64 zlib on win
  65e2a09  add generic sc/sw log categories
  e0e79e9  missing a default button for insert break
  9921cf3  connect adjustments to spinbuttons
  468cb30  migrate Insert Floating Frame dialog to .ui file
  4f94de1  fixup
  f365b6f  remove the temp file after loading
  2f8db10  this test should not been disabled
  e33a3f2  disable the password test for some platforms
  4b419d3  implement export password test
  f48886d  add basic calc export test
  5646906  do not warn about missing area in SAL_DEBUG
  0956d26  sw: tweak previous comment translations
  c72fa4f  Translate German comments
  2c54307  ODBC PreparedStatement Parameters: redesign setXXX handling
  626da72  duplicated code
  7b4e7e0  odbc::OTools::bindParameter takes an ODBCtype, not a JDBCtype
  7bb42b1  UpdateBuffer optimisation: cache column value, isBound() and
  77e60c0  fdo#52392 dbase: correctly NULL out non-filled in fields in
inserted rows
  41e11da  improve comments
  bacc037  dbase::ODbaseTable::WriteMemo does not change its ORowSetValue&
  7ea7fb0  fdo#49517: Revert "fdo#46102: Load Java scripts with class
loaders [...]"
  7be49c3  add svl.numbers to log-areas
  8bd3bf0  Resolves: fdo#35991 rowspan is of size sal_Int32, not size long
  50857f2  minizip is not used anymore
  cb27623  gbuildify zlib
  b4b5376  pyletter: Fix a crash when trying to load the wizard again
  0ab3295  pyfax: Fix a chash when trying to load the wizard again
  dbd85e2  SAL_WARN on dup positions
  c9a27eb  Work around premature disposing of PackageRegistryBackends
  89e875b  Add sanity-check assertion
  b6aa58c  Resolves: fdo#47432 Improve the "faux bold" in cairo canvas
  9ffc1f4  Revert "new change in helpcontent2"
  fb3595d  loplugin: misleading indent
  af8d133  new change in helpcontent2
  09908f8  consistently use SAL_WARN svl.numbers
  2536fae  Resolves: fdo#47291 polypoly[line|gon] points are signed
  dbd0e00  XubString->OUString
  266bc4d  set up CCACHE_EXTRAFILES too, just like ICECC_EXTRAFILES
  a334689  Remove obsolete comment
  d21eb6b  add hook to block use of markup in .ui files
  fe34732  loplugin: unused aName string and whacky indent
  308ed5c  simplify pattern-target by using a simple recursion…
  1e92546  RepositoryExternal: add disabled graphite case
  08ffb7b  Resolves: fdo#50285 merging props unsafe with intermediate
charstyle prop
  55619c1  set width in chars for url field to avoid character dialog
  aed6813  expat: GNUCOPY is empty on Darwin, use cp instead
  a4b822e  ::rtl::OUString -> OUString in basctl
  008c073  More ::rtl::OUString -> OUString in basctl
  3d39939  fix incorrect assert() usage
  249a4da  warn free build of dmake, concat-deps and lpsolve
  d795812  tools: add missing dep: dlopened sal_textenc
  be55511  Turn SAL_INFO back to SAL_WARN
  402eace  Related fdo#46808: Fix UUIInteractionHandler::initialize
argument handling
  489a0032  Simplify SAL_INFO usage even further
  e161153  config_host.mk can no longer be sourced
  ddb9c30  Consistently use gb_Helper_make_url
  cdb05e2  Improve error message
  e8920c6  add sal to cross_tail_build
  97b18e2  drop dep on sal
  16e6771  chop out uwinapi from more ext. projects
  638adb6  fix sourcing config_host.mk
  42adaa0  add sal to tail_build
  eac570e  uncommpressed stream size is now 64bit, fdo#56291
  5822654  fix gbuildified expat
  8a109cb  fix link error
  1ceb47d  graphite: convert to gbuild
  bab4715  if git hooks are moved, move the README as well
  411f900  fdo#55939 fix RTF export of footnotes
  638bb3a  add filter.xslt log area
  5adb2fb  boost: disable MSVC warnings C4510, C4610 for ...
  6fb13dd  curl: disable use of debug configuration (needs msvcr90d.dll)
  abc873f  expat: for 64bit 1 static library is enough, only utf16 variant
  2ffde7b  gbuildification of expat
  7f96cec  remove accidentally committed garbage
  9faa4e4  comphelper: convert OSL_* to SAL_* in namedvaluecollection
  b0ec8d8  vcl: don't print gtk version on startup
  3e79318  WaE: 'xChartType$D57056$_pInterface' may be used uninitialized…
  d3fb6d2  remove .ui mark-up in favor of font attributes
  725eba7  remove all traces of saxon
  bfc71eb  drop saxon-based XSLT transformer
  ca0ea73  rework selection of transformer for an XSLT filter
  25113cd  convert java XSL transformer into extension
  9fcd47b  fix tests that aren't testing anything
  0cf6274  Cleanup and simplification of process.cxx
  de6c8db  More efficient way to initialize SwDoc
  5ba1694  fdo#53474: Fix Windows Java Accessibility Bridge
  d922cc0  updated submodule: dictionaries
  9c2e1a7  updated submodule: dictionaries
  7b45dfe  convert Mnemonic markup automatically
  c7bac4d  XubString->OUString
  c627560  Do not die when using old configure options
  d6f6086  n#773048: Adjust rotate in relation to fix for n#783433
  5c64ed1  add EDB-22215-1 test
  7b277262  loplugin: tidy up some log areas
  9e44e1a  sal_Bool to bool
  923e85b  helpcontent2: Copy .memdump rule from core/.gitignore
  0772bfc  fix compilation and linking of starmath cppunit tests
  3113389  gbuild: Extension: remove ugly "nodefaults" mode again
  ca284bb  ct2n: use a Zip target after all, because...
  f5e2af0  ct2n: add Zip file from original gerrit patch
  13b000d  sc: warning C4702: unreachable code
  e190307  package: kill remaining RTL_CONSTASCII.*PARAM
  8be8bcf  desktop: try to cope with MSVC being silly with C4702 and C4715
  f260c65  vcl: uipreviewer: remove spurious "return false"
  d59379a  cli_ure: warning C4965: implicit box of integer 0
  4a2bfe3  warning C4805: '!=': unsafe mix of bool and sal_Bool
  b5c0e66  fixing VS 2010 error: OutDir property must end with a trailing
  a2e8ac6  Update dictionaries, helpcontent2, translations to origin master
  13bedc5  fdo#46808, use service constructor for
  22d3fb1  Related fdo#46808: Improve previous commit slightly
  b8abd03  fdo#46808, use service constructor for frame::DispatchHelper
  900dc2b  Related fdo#46808: Improve previous commit slightly
  3bf3b01  inline a #define that it only used in one cxx file
  4880907  remove unused #define
  d26f3ac  fdo#46808, use service constructor for system::SystemShellExecute
  e0c4e1f  honour padding property in VclBox
  cc6ec92  Related fdo#46808: Adapt Windows-only code to previous changes
  69c1bac  remove unused #define
  d3efa1d  Related fdo#46808: Improve previous commit slightly
  33a0f8c  fdo#46808, Adapt awt::Toolkit UNO service to new style
  f252b33  fdo#46808, renamet awt::XToolkit2 to XToolkitExperimental..
  4970e29  fdo#46808, convert comphelper::ConfigurationHelper to
  4cc5cce  convert index dialog to .ui
  b9326cf  improve optimal height of empty comboboxes
  88fe7d1  refactor buttonbox calculations to allow nonhomogeneous buttons
  0853819  merge and correct buttonbox spacing calculation
  39c9ef3  map some more stock images
  a74aef3  fix fpicker build error
  2a9cf53  fix bluetooth enabling logic
  f61e81a  fix warnings in cli_ure
  0b9ebd7  boost: disable spurious MSVC warning C4100 in msvc.hpp
  9a8662c  PasswordContainer::allowPersistentStoring: fix warning C4805
  49a92ab  commit changes in dictionries, helpcontent2, and translations
  c32be18  ct2n: fix build on Windows (DOS line ends in patches)
  f893618  concat-deps: fix breakage introduced by eliding:
  e89c99a  fdo#55732 display upper case greek letters in page numbering
  9a3fe78  freetype: convert to gbuild
  526c9bd  fontconfig: convert to gbuild
  4a326ad  translations
  e8aa70b  fdo#46808, convert comphelper::ConfigurationHelper to
  3688466  Revert "gbuild: add a kludge to get dictionaries to build in
  5e3f7c1  Revert "One more cygwin symlink kludge needed"
  057ac00  make l10n of extensions work again
  7cba314  change dictionaries
  cc64715  sal_Bool to bool
  cffdb8d  gbuild: fix XcuMergeTarget build breakage:
  4dc53ab  add ct2n to tail_build
  1d77d4e  typo, wrong object was returned
  e90e4df  gbuild: UnpackedTarball: clean final target too
  1a53b37  dictionaries
  10f4e76  gbuild: let ExtensionTarget expect manifest below META-INF
  76146f2  gbuild: make ct2n module work
  97d83c45  gbuildification of ct2n
  5e9a7f1  Related fdo#46808: Improve previous commit slightly
  432c0f4  fdo#46808, use service constructor for frame::ModuleManager
  b493b5a  fdo#46808, use service constructor for xml::sax::Writer
  6a40553  Revert "add missing dep on translations"
  122f3e7  Handle getAllFormats1, too, but it exists only for en_US
  a33dbc1  Related fdo#46808: Fix pre-existing bug identified in previous
  c0f865c  fdo#46808, use service constructor for i18n::BreakIterator
  e41f21b  com.sun.star.xml.NamespaceContainer appears to be unused
  f62e1fb  change translations
  7e14889  gbuild: remove INCLUDE_STL and misc stlport stuff
  48c9586  RtfFilter::filter: not allowed to throw WrongFormatException:
  85b6a93  gbuild: fix AUXTARGETS:
  3784cd9  change translations
  c55b916  add missing dep on translations
  4d4203a  wildcard is not necessary anymore
  1d16f59  add cache to avoid excessive repeated UNO peer creation for
  0a6da5e  Translate German comments
  a6badf3  Translate German comments
  8aa5946  fdo#46808, Adapt packages::manifest::ManifestWriter UNO service
to new style
  468acb7  fix really stupid typo
  fd10c84  fix deps
  be6057d  disable ego messages
  6761a84  change announce code for WinResTarget
  6945628  fdo#46808, Adapt packages::manifest::ManifestReader UNO service
to new style
  b30ee83  fdo#46808, use service constructor for beans::Introspection
  5e48667  Use relative submodule URLs
  5aa2cd1  fdo#46808, use service constructor for uri::UriReferenceFactory
  f4776bf  fdo#46808, fix up some NumberFormatter createInstance calls I
  d40dceb  Updated core Project: help
 e7fbc5a6b9ed38e7cbca420335f509c82d34cd02 fdo#51854 add help for newer
horizontal/vertical cell alignment options
  4aa33ca  Make loading CVE-2008-5937-1.gif fail (as expected) also on
64-bit Mac OS X
  96365ae  -Werror=maybe-uninitialized
  c988da2  fdo#46808, Adapt ui::dialogs::FolderPicker UNO service to new
  eb01613  Apple's Clang 4.1 does not have -Wself-assign-field
  40e38fd  package: kill RTL_CONSTASCII_USTRINGPARAM in owriteablestream
  49e0031  fdo#51145 give better error message on import invalid RTF
  de574fe  sfx2: add ERRCODE_SFX_FORMAT_ROWCOL
  48a6db0  Updated core Project: help
 5ce2b22ceed6bbb22f888fd12798ac53f5e7de98 fdo#53882 add help + extended tips
  97bc32e  pyletter: Don't need to lock controllers here
  6242395  pywizards: unused method
  ce6995c  pyletter: Don't need to lock controllers here
  5a0b00d  pyletter: missed import
  c06ee4c  pyletter: Fix avoid to load the same template when it's already
  b8c3e47  pyfax: Fix avoid to load the same template when it's already
  c9b591b  pyletter: missed import
  65e1040  pyletter: remove java letter wizard
  9ad72dd  pyletter: enable python letter wizard by using ?insert url
  bf51d4c  pyletter: pack and register letter wizard
  bd1c644  remove nonexistant file from Zip_uretest
  2589505  fdo#55290: CliAssembly: fix cbd9dddb: s/NAME/OUTFILE/
  8de04aa  mozilla import libraries have no "i" prefix
  8c6276a  drop rdbmaker completely
  0397c4b  Some ::rtl::OUString to OUString in basctl
  c348df5  loplugin: various warnings
  eda255b  SvTreeList: fix singular iterator compare assertions
  41145f5  OUString cleanup in basctl
  8545bf9  fdo#55800: fix hex color conversion
  a40f08c  fdo#55034 Update default Hebrew font from Lucida Sans to Lucida
Sans Unicode
  3fa955d  Make SvTreeEntryList private to svtools.
  d7a19a7  sal_Bool to bool.
  3800aed  Updated tango_testing
  ed24328  make a configure message less confusing
  1a90251  move the ENABLE_DBGUTIL block higher in configure
  b7a3a18  Updated core Project: binfilter
 ab3e0975e1bf8d662e7d154de9313a491dc02b31 fdo#46808: Adapt to core
css.xml.sax.Writer changes
  ceebced  fdo#46808: Missing @since tag
  fb741b5  fdo#46808, Adapt xml::sax::XWriter UNO service to new style
  9cabab0  CLANGPLUGIN_CPPFLAGS for building plugin for Clang in
nonstandard location
  d72f3d5  Work around some more Clang boost warnings
  9dbb625  disable cursor in about dialog and message boxes
  f1386b7  make dmake use C(XX)FLAGS from the environment too
  07f67f3  fail on configure debug options that no longer make sense
  40763e0  disable gb_COMPILEROPTFLAGS in debug mode
  84b4293  allow LDFLAGS from gbuild to be selective too
  3c00ff3  make configure remember C/CXX/OBJC/OBJCXX/LDFLAGS if explicitly
passed to it
  156c18a  we use -ggdb2 by default, not -ggdb3 (makes debuginfo way too
  4e2e6bc  use (gb_)ENABLE_DBGUTIL rather than the confusing (gb_)PRODUCT
  a0320a9  clean up configure options for debugging build
  920807d  Resolves: rhbz#868479 / fdo#56281 doubled ~ in German ok/cancel
  3c71a0b  explictly require Bitmap to get image
  bec6242  factor out common code
  cbd9ddd  fdo#55290 create CLI assemblies with the right name
  39f4b3d  add missing dep
  7f82096  use absolute path
  03cd2e7  change the order of these checkboxes
  cfacb2d  accelerate shape import & export by more sensible XInterface
  d8feea6  Seems that on the emulator the y scale is -1, huh
  a09a98e  Add ucppkg1
  e9a09f9  dummy_can_throw_anything reportedly needed at least with GCC
4.5.1, too
  2006bc9  String -> OUString
  ff4aca8  typo
  a47a851  add help ID to 'Enable char units' checkbox
  012a996  Remove arguments unused when compiling assembler object (-D, -I,
  dedff8f  -Werror,-Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare
  841b975  implement secondary button groups in buttonboxes
  349cf01  Remove spurious find_substr
  fc211a5  DomainMapper::lcl_attribute: typo fixes
  ca6aa93  add infrastructure for secondary button groups
  324e116  add a stock index image to vcl, ala gtk-index
  c578c32  Only vcl has collate/ncollate now
  9d2cfee  some more clang warnings
  ae4da42  WaE: unused parameter
  39cf268  package: kill RTL_CONSTASCII_USTRINGPARAM in xstorage
  f82ee5f  sw: remove duplicated test
  743e279  No more clone directory
  9588085  add note to ExternalPackage doc
  1149fa1  drop unneeded functions
  cb9823b  make sure libpq is in place before it is used
  ec9e661  sal_Bool to bool
  13a9b71  fix typo
  7c8c73d  fix sdremote related configure switches
  2223898  some additional clang warnings
  3b76773  loplugin: misleading else if indent
  cd5fd07  translations dir always exists with submodules
  f9735c6  fix postgresql on win
  5e56827  Fix some Variable "X" is reassigned a value before the old one
has been used
  4d837ff  Fix  Variable "X" is reassigned a value before the old one has
been used
  9b53538  sw: rework import tests to match the syntax of export tests
  ffcaa76  convert postgresql to gbuild
  b339e4e  Fix Variable 'eState' is reassigned a value before the old one
has been used
  ba99a885  Some cppcheck cleaning
  0a2eb9c  Fix some Variable "X" is reassigned a value before the old one
has been used
  de6b1a3  only build librsvg deps if librsvg itself is built
  0a30cb2  sw: run export tests twice
  bb80f99  sal_Bool to bool
  1cdad42  add bibliography entry ui
  17d08d4  use correct deferred parent window
  e92b3a0  deliberately no parent for dialog
  76a1bc4  Updated core Project: help
 6e855787c1fa512546f8e72766606fa2f90d0854 update helpids for bibliography
entry dialog .ui
  8e7829a  remove unset & unused variables
  3955876  use prefered name configure.ac to scilence aclocal 1.12 warning
  1a6a3a1  In the 10.7 SDK CoreText is in the ApplicationServices framework
  bfa21ce  fdo#44657 Remove hack that "simulates" a mirrored horizontal
  91e81cd  private field 'eType' is not used
  891b770  mbIsEnabled is always true
  936ac94  rtl::OUString to OUString
  e509051  remove unused define
  8eb5db8  replace sxub_Unicode by sal_Unicode
  bd5921b  Updated core Project: binfilter
 e9e2d065b33d441ffa8838cc15f70a99155893de null Change ucb_Unicode to
  d9ebb89  writerfilter: remove unused ctor
  1becc60  import RTF_DPPOLYLINE
  9e51601  At least for me these two headers are slightly differently
  293f16b  move 2>&1 where it belongs in soffice.sh, thanks mst
  ac60fba  delegating a constructor can't work like this, fdo#55033
  556aa12  reenable all our unit tests
  cc89499  add test case for the MATCH function
  4e8d176  actually pass the old cond format to the dialog
  0c94072  differentiate between formula and normal conditions in the dialog
  1c0f4d8  don't catch this exception, we want to crash if this fails and
fix it
  1ae22b7  fix problem with conditional formats in formats.ods
  eb141a2  ithe cond format data is no longer stored as SfxUInt32Item
  0db4819  add one more component file for subsequent filters test
  1b3dc82  use gb_LINKEROPTFLAGS if no explicit LDFLAGS is given
  1a77b93  only one warning per one SAL_INFO/SAL_WARN
  06b8cdc5  SetMaxWidthInChars -> SetMinWidthInChars
  e20ebf2  support width-chars property for labels
  9aa8e18  minimize calls to queue_resize
  3b69618  SetMaxWidthInChars should be SetMinWidthInChars
  4e5fdfb  add stock new and edit button texts
  329d328  sal_Bool to bool
  6f2a127  Add LibreOffice licence headers where currently missing.
  5fdcc51  Updated core Project: help
 ed848f40ce864a4aadd3a36465e3967cb3ca2afb update insert rules helpids for
  da4614d  commit just to allow me to push the commit in helpcontent ?
  7adc339  Updated tango artwork
  944ae9c  missing checkbox, both height and width in same place
  1b472f6  loplugin: unused strings
  6a076ec  We don't need this method now.
  175e516  RTF_DOBYPARA import: Y is vertical
  75b8d8f  expose m_pActionArea so subclasses can add buttons to the right
  5870db7  better to throw and report exact failure
  f5ef4f2  fix import of RTF default page left/right margin
  49e5e75  Merge SvLBoxTreeList and SvTreeList.
  4bc089d  fix debug build
  8e7a366  Combine senddoc null and default cases for better mailer
  64dc5a0  Improve vml path parsing to handle repeated commands
  4b313fd  Merge SvListEntry and SvLBoxEntry into SvTreeListEntry.
  d47508e  Move SvListEntry and SvLBoxEntry into own files.
  dad00b3  Remove direct reference to SvListEntry outside svtools.
  293fd58  Remove direct reference to SvTreeList outside svtools.
  7841730  more explicit char* => OUString conversion in basctl
  1c192dc  deb#690717 fix bashism in /bin/sh script
  b97313a  Updated core Project: dictionaries
 a5162a210e3ff07e44307dbf60717d5d5a40608d dict-pt-XX fix post submodules
  72dacbb  Updated core Project: translations
 2548be535019c0a869c5759419c6964db5f82471 add a README to the translations
  2a8cabe  g: fix typo
  fc8f763  import RTF_DPLINEHOLLOW
  b1e93b3  embeddedobj: add README
  1db74c1  fix dictionary sub-module reference
  7edf6de  ww8export test appears to require css.embed.EmbeddedObjectCreator
  78dd945  Added tango icons
  47391fb  XubString->OUString
  46f1b3a  default SwInsertGrfRulerDlg to first entry
  644d22e  convert insert rule
  de661fd  add a makeSwRulerValueSet for custom SwRulerValueSet widget
  c648d42  annoying border/child window confusion
  4a057fd  XubString->OUString
  3fa6790  ditch rather pointless REDUCEDSVXFONT
  8274df8  make use of ability to use bold in labels
  e8029a1  super simple bold/italic label support
  794a7c6  allow XmlReader to parse a string
  2398471  expand horizontall
  0916747  add ellipsis to Split Table because it pops up a dialog
  469dab1  no need to check for NULL on delete, delete does that already
  845e847  import RTF_DODHGT
  a4e2e50  Remove the unneeded "scalable font" icon from the font combobox.
  a12db69  Calc, Writer toolbars: Remove Insert Graphics from the Graphics
  f6a784a  Writer toolbars: Remove Insert Table from the Table toolbar.
  8d58aca  Writer toolbars: Remove Numbering on/off from the Numbering
  0154ab1  Impress, Draw toolbars: Move alignment etc. away from "Drawing".
  b0da54b  update dictionaries
  4302eb0  write the custom sort list info into the item set, fdo#53870
  40377a6  only use non blank cells in the visible data methods, fdo#54552
  622f775  ignore broadcaster cells to fill autofilter dialog, fdo#55712
  bd47dac  add newlines
  299433d  import RTF_DOBYPARA
  db1a183  make RTFDocumentImpl::runBreak private
  b43a051  implement import of RTF_{DPTXBXTEXT,DPTXBX}
  6fc868c  fix import of RTF_PARD inside RTF_SHPTXT
  76737b0  exchange sort settings between the two tab pages, fdo#53482
  ac631f9  odk: use javadoc -notimestamp, so generated docs don't
unnecessarily differ after each build
  cf16c32  fdo#46669 testcase
  625e91c  More useless code, "#if 0" blocks in lingucomponent, sal, and rsc
  f163a82  Translate German comments to English
  96d38b4  Translate German comments
  41b5c80  cleanup ./g output
  96336f3  Updated core Project: dictionaries
 a70847fe89812a53297f06e5c8c5ef9a22146a7f update makefile path
  923d33d  Updated core Project: dictionaries
 2547e9657a49fb43e07a41aadfdd0af34b7ae720 rename mishappe during merge
  dc68047  Updated core Project: help
 6b8392485c4b81d0a398a8c88a0e1f7ab53365f5 update gitignore
  09f2d54  pywizards: cleanup common code
  0d8e34f  pyletter: get rid of import *
  2330695  update helpcontent2
  42e9659  rebase submodules
  c58b4fc  missing fi in ./g
  3f136b5  Updated core Project: translations
 f83717cf73f4549d9ae09bc557d59316d4165394 null add a README to the
translations module
  b4aab80  gitsubmodule gerrit specific keyword seems to be 'branch' not
  a31714f  add tag support to ./g, try to optimize pre->post submerge
  2c5cdc4  when switching to a pre-submodule point, clean-up the soft-link
  942a8ff  typo in configure.in wrt the name of the helpcontent2 module
  9152c42  submodules migration
  074bb52  RtfFilter::filter: add code to dump input stream for copy&paste
  b0176f6  vml import: only apply width-percent attribute if it's != 0
  e6b28a0  More rtl::OUString cleanup in basctl
  1aba513  coverty: misuses of strncpy
  6dfbd33  Remove some unused methods
  40a4c46  fdo#55290 do not use resource file for assembly libs
  2969b10  strip executable flag
  82b7f77  deliver librsvg build products
  5b4fa31  use key directly from $(SRCDIR)
  83b8685  add dep on dir
  b49e97e  --with-lang=en-US is already the default
  24f9ae3  avoid potential build failure
  b1167e1  sal_Bool to bool
  20e7a9b  rtl::OUString cleanup in basctl
  ae92b27  pyfax: remove duplicate code
  a7181f0  pyletter: Fix statement
  1b6b8bb  pyletter: localise listboxes at runtime
  c5a829e  pyletter: Clean up resources
  5f695a7  pyletter: Remove unused code
  299b38e  pyletter: Add missed listener
  201788d  pyletter: Make call the wizard remotely possible
  b617e84  pywizards: Add README explaining how to call a wizard remotely
  f2655f9  postfix operator++ -> prefix operator++
  dc3aa43  rewriter for postfix->prefix operator++
  2e3642e  convenience functions for source rewriters
  6c99788  Add some iOS test code I had forgotten
  c87303d  fix typos
  5b47653  fdo#43714: for a checkmark use the same rect as for its
  4f1ba04  fdo#46669 sw: RTF paste should not change page styles
  f6b7d67  bin tab that breaks configure
  9048f4e  cid 703925 : strncpy can lead to non-null terminated string
  0c120f9  cairo canvas: handle 8-bit grey-scale alpha colors:
  0349c73  support for compiler rewriters
  41d6a0e  some namespacing improvements
  683928f  Don't do anything here if cross-compiling
  527b208  Must use $AR and not build platform ar
  ed851f1  fdo#55997: Work around slight offset causing sc_unoapi failure
  1f0cda7  tweak some build.lsts for the group photo...
  6d43804  ScTabViewObj: fix STL assertion:
  962eeb3  Don't build gdk-pixbuf, glib, libcroco or libgsf for iOS or
  5ad86ef  Use isEmpty().
  c084315  comment translations german->english sd fusel.cxx and fusel.hxx
  abd4ffa  fdo#52208 DOCX import: don't always ignore cont sect break at
the doc end
  b8523dd  Add animcore and dba mappings
  4089a38  ctags: fix warning
  310874c  conditionalize build of external modules
  e3f78b7  coverity#738967: Unused pointer value.
  651002f  matus: tml_: merge librsvg/prj/build.lst into
  6f3a300  pyfax.zip has been renamed
  3425c51  Don't be paranoid, surely all our platforms have a working
  d475a05  export symbols after gbuildification
  6885fc5  Ccache doesn't like several -arch flags
  aa7500f  add a unit test for removing rows/columns with comments
  8fb84ee  sal_Bool to bool in anyrefdg.[ch]xx
  d342c9b  hide edit fields for duplicate and unique
  f8dada5  fix memory leak in note handling
  262079b  fix the problem in the right method
  00e815b  Drop undefined function
  af1f02a  Handle cross-compilation
  c96b4c5  Handle cross-compilation of nss (for desktop OSes)
  9715b31  pyfax: get rid of import *
  6c78b87  pyfax: replace tabs with spaces
  500edb9  pyfax: Remove java code
  4d40b6d  pyfax: uuups
  bfe191c  pyfax: replace tabs with spaces
  729ebb3  Handle the CPPRUNTIME crack
  22bf1df  Filter out fairly pointless ld warning from crt1.o (!) in the
10.4 SDK
  0683f53  Check for cross-compilation in general
  3d1f464  FontPrevWin_Impl::CheckScript(): assert that there is text:
  86b6bf6  sd: fix crash in character format dialog:
  a7efb9b  loplugin: fix some indents and unused OUStrings
  979d8f3  Enable cross-compilation in general, not just with MinGW
  9649d152b  Experiment with PowerPC Mac cross-compilation
  22a5506  Related: fdo#47250 catch harder
  a4c99d3  fdo#55927: copy .uno:View100 icon from .uno:Zoom100Percent
  98ad35d  Added stream sanity checking to TGA filter
  a55b708  sw: fix new clang warnings in ww8 filters
  17f1e4c  Fix consecutive breaks
  45ee4f6  Fix member not initialized in the constructor in
  1d5c2d8  document sallogareas compiler check
  f335028  Make sure glib-mkenums is found when there is no system one
  7518af8  oox: fix loplugin warnings
  823bd50  cppuhelper: remove obsolete comment
  b61991b  sw: tweak comment translations
  1f9f8f4  loplugin: some log, indent and unused variable warnings
  a51488c  callcatcher: update unused code and drop freshly unused methods
  f1b6058  remove debug output
  b03278d  Remove consecutive break and a break which follows a return
  1e313e7  compiler check to compare SAL_WARN/LOG areas against
  e3418e9  use consistently sal.osl and sal.rtl as log areas
  e74fc93  tubes: use new .ui format for contacts dialog
  72fe2e3  Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive types
  64ab96c  Prefer prefix ++/-- operators for non-primitive types
  5f12d6d  loplugin: what is it with the weird-ass else placement in
  2a777a1  writerfilter: fix new clang warnings
  681e894  brain fog: logic error
  08ec85d  fix String->OUString conversion
  50a20f9  gtk: attempt to fix visual glitches around edit fields
  f50f9c4  Review corrections in basctl/.../basobj3.cxx
  3818933  fix build
  b404024  For me it throws uno::DeploymentException, not
  b91b5e9  fix librsvg gbuildification
  9ffba6a  need to set the row/col relative to the start row/col
  2ec03fc  don't insert notes from deleted cells, fdo#55885
  979c475  improve showing the condition text when the entry is collapsed
  90306e9  add the text for collapsed entries back
  8615d09  convert librsvg to gbuild
  179e267  Remove unused MorkParser::getRecordKeys4List
  c252694  Even if it shouldn't be a pb, let's do the same everywhere
  dcaf8a8  uninit variable
  fb1d9cc  Check for null object.  The OLE name may not always be set.
  cc4568e  WaE -Wunused-function
  d0bf151  detect and collapse internal boost dependencies to a single
  1402818  elide all dependencies on .hdl files, they're ~all duplicated by
  20c0339  WaE: SW_DLLPUBLIC on static function doesn't make sense
  fa694a2  fdo#55931 Fix renderding of subscript/superscript with Autofit
  46a418a  loplugin: bad else if placement
  7e86962  grr I wanted can+has *default* not *focus*
  919aeeb  be consistent between insert chart and insert formula re ellipsis
  d152dca  add SetAccessibleRelationMemberOf back again FWIW
  e48cb36  set has-default for insert ole object dialog
  5cb6877  migrate 'Insert OLE Object' dialog to use .ui file
  53acdd2  XubString->OUString
  a551cad  Always disable anti-aliasing for drawing cell borders.
  e02ff22  fix file permissions
  21d10c6  mark lcl_ functions static or rename them if they are not local
at all
  908794d  remove unused function
  cd8a490  compilers don't seem to warn about unused variables in the
global scope
  2acc59e  DeclBase::getLocation() gives better location than getLocStart()
  ceb06a8  766 gerrit patch, fix appendAscii in bastype2.cxx
  0b876ce  remove unused local static functions
  ac334eea  lcl_LineSize is unused
  57cd672  lcl_GetServiceName unused
  2d4d38b  lcl_Bool2Any is unused
  581438a  lcl_createTemplate declared but not defined
  12a9711  don't process empty grid cells
  6b459bf  tweak dialog to show label again
  83154f92  mark lcl_ functions static or rename them if they are not local
at all
  190334f  mark lcl_ functions static or rename them if they are not local
at all
  f7a24ef  mark lcl_ functions static or rename them if they are not local
at all
  2c37597  print something when compiling clang plugin too
  f56da8c  rebuild clang plugin when clang changes
  bd7e427  mark lcl_ functions static or rename them if they are not local
at all

The error is:

build failed - error is::

log for /Volumes/TBRAM/core/tail_build/prj
/Volumes/TBRAM/core//dictionaries/Module_dictionaries.mk: No such file or
Makefile:17: *** Corrupted module target stack! .  Stop.
ERROR: error 512 occurred while making /Volumes/TBRAM/core/tail_build/prj
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