no functional TinderBox for master/3-7 full Windows builds

d.ostrovsky at d.ostrovsky at
Wed Oct 31 09:00:41 PDT 2012

Quoting V Stuart Foote <VStuart.Foote at>:

> Thanks David!
you are welcome!

> So, I gave the Win2008  VC10 0build a go, but it seems like java  
> support may not be in your build either. Or at least Tools ->  
> Options -> Advanced  - Java Options is not detecting the installed  
> JRE.

It is definitely not deactivated (with --disable-java),
so I configured it with jdk 7, 32 bit, see configure output:

checking the installed JDK... checked (JDK 1.7.0_09)
checking for target Java bytecode version... 1.7
checking for jawt lib name... jawt.lib

@Stephan am i missing something?


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