no functional TinderBox for master/3-7 full Windows builds

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Thanks, I pulled the new build of master. I don't presently have a 1.6
JRE loaded, but if you want to try to run that down I could load the
additional JRE.


For me, the install is now detecting the Java JRE 1.7.  But it seems a
little off as it builds the list of detected  JRE new each time Tools ->
Options panel is opened and the Java options panel is touched. Does
anyone know if that is correct action-I would think once built it would
remain static unless an add call gets made.  Also, the "Use a Java
runtime environment" check box is on by default on first launch of Tools
-> Options -> Advanced - Java options. I would expect it to be off until
specifically checked-I had not enabled Assistive Technologie on the
install screen and the extensions aren't in the build, so what would
require the JRE be set to on? 


Possibly related, while the JRE now is detected from Tools -> Options ->
Advanced - Java Options, one of the main components dependent on a
functional JRE can not be enabled with this build of master-its check
box resets and no entry is made in the LibreOffice Registry. 


The Tools -> Options -> Accessibility - Miscellaneous options check-box
for "Support Assistive technology tools (program restart requied)" can
be checked but it does not seem to be being fully processed-because on
subsequent launches of Tools -> Options -> Accessibility it opens as
unchecked and there is no entry made in the registry.


The behavior in  AOo 3.41, LibO3.5 and LibO 3.6, has been that when
checked "Support assistive technology tools..." remains checked, and
does result in a registry stanza insertion into the registry. The
registrymodifications.xcu file that should be made has been:


ttings['Accessibility']"><prop oor:name="EnableATToolSupport"
oor:op="fuse" oor:type="xs:string"><value>true</value></prop></item>


That is not happening in this LOdev 3-7 build.


Also, I'm not sure how it is related to the JRE selection box, but the
LibO registry entry for the other Tools -> Options -> Accessibility -
Miscellaneous "Use text selection cursor in read-only text documents"
does honor its check-box selection.  It will keep its settings from
session to session. The registry stanza for it in
registrymodifications.xcu is:   


<item oor:path="/org.openoffice.Office.Common/Accessibility"><prop


So it seems that the issue with handling the JRE selection and
configuration of dependent components needs more work.



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On 31.10.2012 16:26, V Stuart Foote wrote:

	Thanks David!


	So, I gave the Win2008  VC10 0build a go, but it seems like java
support may not be in your build either. Or at least Tools -> Options ->
Advanced  - Java Options is not detecting the installed JRE. 

so, reproduced and fixed it: messed around with build. Sorry for that. 

Here is the new master version with working java integration (compiled
against jdk 1.7):

I tested it on two different systems: 
with pre installed jre 1.7 => detected
with pre installed jre 1.6 only => not detected, after installation of
jre 1.7 the new jre was detected.
Is it a known issue here?



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