Making deb from libreoffice source on Debian Wheezy

Krunoslav Šebetić kruno0407 at
Tue Aug 27 12:10:16 PDT 2013


I cloned git this morning and can't make debs from source, 
'./' and 'make' do their job fine, but 'make deb-pkg' doesn't 
work, 'checkinstall' also fails to build the pacages. I would like to 
make deb files so I could install cloned git in parallel with 4.0.5, not 
the other way around, I wont 4.0.5 installed normally and 4.2 do as 
parallel installation.

I can install 4.2 with 'make install' but don't know how to remove 
libreoffice installed with 'make install'|| ones I decide to clone new 
version from git. This also forces me to have 4.0.5 as parallel 
installation instead as primary installation.

So - how to make deb (like one downloadable from libreoffice web site) 
so I can install 4.2 in parallel with 4.0.5?

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