LATE FEATURE: Personas in LibreOffice

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Mon Jan 7 02:32:40 PST 2013

Hi Astron, Caolán, Olivier, all,

I'd like to ask you [or any additional reviewers :-)] for review of a
late 4.0 feature - the Firefox Personas for LibreOffice.  It is supposed
to work like this:

- the user chooses Tools -> Options -> Personalization -> Select Persona
- then navigates to, and chooses Persona she
- copies the URL of that Persona to clipboard, pastes that to the
  dialog, [OK]
- closes the Options with [OK]

And the the Persona is used in LibreOffice, like this:


Depends on the taste - there are 35k Personas to choose from :-)  Of
course, switching the Personas off again is trivial in Tools -> Options
-> Personalization too.

The patches that do that are quite small, in fact just this:

But - there is one catch.  There was no way to load .jpg directly in vcl
(but logically, the functionality belongs there), so I moved
GraphicFilter from svtools to vcl.  The move will also allow
simplification of some code in desktop/ I believe.

Also there were some bugs in vcl that were triggered by the feature; and
I fixed them.  Consequently, the full list of patches to cherry-pick to
libreoffice-4-0 is:

git log 255c03d6ad4ed13c456ee621e0af765684a475d2~..4a4627eba410df933d004170d9f5638526acaed2
git log 540f090a68ae4375a36d0ee6dfbb4a82f28ac704~..540f090a68ae4375a36d0ee6dfbb4a82f28ac704
git log c223e5ff859171adab1597025b30ec2501fc5771~..3f3d0c52ae29b6ab6b2c10a5557714361aa76a26

Please let me know if this is acceptable, and if you need any help with the review.

Thank you a lot,

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