Windows magic auto-accelerator evil ?

Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Thu Jan 24 09:50:21 PST 2013

Quite a while ago we added code to add mnemonic's to "ok"/"cancel"
buttons if the translation/english didn't have them
// Windows (apparently) has some magic auto-accelerator evil around
// ok / cancel so add this only for Unix

do you remember what the evilness was ?

I ask because the catch is that adding accelerators to e.g. CJK/Indic
strings gives something that can't be pressed on a keyboard (gaze in awe
at the MnemonicGenerator::CreateMnemonic code for the dance when adding
auto-mnemonics to avoid that problem). And the usual thing is e.g.
translators append ascii " (~O)" to the end of the CJK string for OK.

The obvious solution would seem to just change our English "OK" "Cancel"
button source strings to a simple "~OK"/"~Cancel" which lets us remove
the problematic code and shift the selection of a suitable mnemonic back
to the translations.


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