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Frédéric WANG at
Wed Jul 3 06:13:29 PDT 2013

> >/  problem with that is that there are actually 2 text editing components,
> />/  Writer and EditEngine (used by Impress/Draw/Calc)... the current
> />/  architecture of Math embedded objects has the advantage that it works
> />/  with both of these and so in all applications.
> /
> That is something we will have to consider, but the current way is just
> counter intuitive, not only that inserting a formula is deeply hidden
> behind multiple level menus, but also editing a formula switches to a
> completely different UI causing much disruption IMO (and the need to
> click a formula to edit it is just annoying). I don't mind keeping Math
> as separate competent, but we need a more integrated math editing that
> what we have now.
BTW, I'm wondering how using MathML (or more generally ODF objects) is 
related to this GSOC idea:

I'm not really sure to understand to which "fields" the proposal refers, 
but my idea was to use MathML everywhere in LibreOffice Writer.

Frédéric Wang

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