automatic crash testing with bugzilla documents

John Smith lbalbalba at
Wed Jul 3 08:57:58 PDT 2013


Sorry for the (very late) response. :) 
But I was just wondering, have you ever tried to figure out exactly how much
of the codebase is executed by these tests ? 
[ for example, by using gcov/lcov: ]


John Smith

Markus Mohrhard wrote
> Hey,
> so as agreed during the ESC call I'm publishing here now the results from
> the current automatic crash testing run.
> The test is run against around 24500 bugzilla documents in the formats
> cdr,
> doc, docx, fodg, fdop, fods, fodt, odg, odp, ods, odt, ppt, pptx, pub,
> rtf,
> vdx, vsd, wpd, xls, xlsx. If you think that an important file format that
> we support is missing here please tell me and I'll add it to the list for
> the next run.
> Eike and Kendy already fixed issues from the first round of crash testing
> so this list is already a bit smaller than before. The list is generated
> with a dbgutil build so you might need one to fix issues from the list.
> Additionally many documents are just duplicates of the same issue as for
> example in this run the ods crashes are related to some libneon crash. If
> you can't reproduce a crash please ask me for a backtrace.
> To use the script you need a libstdc++ that has been linked with a current
> linux binutils version + a fedora patch against upstream binutils.
> Otherwise you run into different toolchain bugs that result in a large
> number of false positives.
> Regards,
> Markus
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