Thoughts on LibreOffice Math

Ruslan Kabatsayev b7.10110111 at
Thu Jul 4 13:58:18 PDT 2013


On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 8:10 PM, Frédéric WANG < at> wrote:
> I think enabling the visual editor by default is indeed important. What is
> blocking it from going out of experimental features? I think the GSOC
> student who worked on that mentioned some crashes and I can try to debug and
> fix them. Are there other serious bugs / missing features apart undo/redo?
Here's an incomplete list of problems which make this editor not ready
for production use (at least I wouldn't recommend anyone to enable
this feature):
1. Currently by default clicking inside the equation while editing
moves the cursor to corresponding place in code — when enabling visual
editor you don't have this feature
2. Once you edit your handwritten formula in visual editor, all your
code is reformatted and frequently appears harder to read
3. I didn't find any easy way to enter non-alphanumeric symbols, e.g.
greek letters, hats, arrows etc. — have to resort to manual code
edition (which already appears hard to read)
4. Symbols like "^", "_", "/" can't be entered since they are
automatically translated into special constructs — again have to
resort to manual code edition
5. Can't easily remove parentheses around some text - have to cut the
text, delete the parentheses box, then re-paste text.
These problems were enough for me to disable this editor when I tried it.
(Ideally, I'd like to have Mathematica style shortcuts to enter
formulas in WYSIWYG editor, but I didn't have enough time to hack
LOMath to address this idea)


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