Javascript and Beanshell macros missing from menus on master build OSX with 10.6 SDK

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Tue Jul 9 00:29:29 PDT 2013

Hi all,

There seems to be some kind of problem with Javascript and Beanshell
macros on my master build on OSX.

I have activated the Experimental Features under the Advanced General
LibreOffice settings.

I can see menu heading entries for Javascript and Beanshell under the
Tools > Macros > Organize menu.

However, when dig down through the tree view, there are no macros to be

The python and basic macros are visible.

In the "classes" directory of the OSX app packet, I can see bsh.jar,
js.jar, ScriptFramework.jar, ScriptProviderForBeanShell.jar,
ScriptProviderForJava.jar, ScriptProviderForJavaScript.jar.

In the "services" directory, I can see scriptproviderforbeanshell.rdb
and scriptproviderforjavascript.rdb.

In the "Scripts" directory, the corresponding script files are present.

However, I can not access any of them from the UI.


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