Storing/extracting embedded db within .odb

Anthonys Lists antlists at
Wed Jul 10 13:11:27 PDT 2013

On 10/07/2013 16:12, Michael Stahl wrote:
>> OK, thanks for the info. OTOH if a major distro (yours?) has ramdisk
>> >by default, then the value of this decreases.
> if that is indeed distro default that sounds like a serious bug in the
> disto since /var/tmp is required to be persistent by FHS/LSB:
No it's not my distro default. The distro default is "partition it 
yourself" :-) hence *me* getting it wrong. But /var/tmp/portage had a 
habit of filling up / if I wasn't careful so that's why I did it before 
I realised it was a mistake.

If you haven't cottoned on yet, I run gentoo :-) I'm not aware of any 
distro using ramdisk for any tmp by default. Typically they only 
allocate 2Gb swap, and it would be too easy to cause an "out of memory" 
crash. I still believe "swap should be twice ram", and my system has 
2x32Gb swap.


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