fdo 37341 MAXRECURSION reached in ScFormulaCell::Interpret

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Thu Jul 11 03:55:21 PDT 2013

Hi Eike,

> > Increasing MAXRECURSION 'solves' the problem.
> It may cure the symptom in this specific case, but does not solve the
> problem.

I fully agrre.

> You're misreading history ;-)

History was never my strongest subject and as your and Kohei's name comes up every other commit on these two source files, I hoped that you would remember/know. And you do, thank you.

> I presume it is the combination of BackSolver iteration and recursion.
> Setting an error if MAXRECURSION is reached is not appropriate.

I somehow knew it wouldn't be that simple.

> > Unfortunately, I can't quite grasp the recursion/interation process in
> > ScFormulaCell::Interpret(), so I can't generate the appropiate error.
> That thing is a beast and time consuming to debug. To understand what it
> does it would help to set MAXRECURSION to 5 or so and have a few more
> simple recursing formula cells to step through. (A9:=A8 A8:=A7 ...)
> Setting up a simple BackSolver scenario that kicks in badly with the reduced
> limit might be equally challenging..

Well, I will see if I can rise to the challenge ;-)


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