[GSOC]Firebird Integration Weekly Update 05

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Fri Jul 12 08:50:35 PDT 2013

Hi everyone,

This weeks achievements / stuff implemented:

-Extraction of .fdb from .odb to temporary storage.
-Creation of new .fdbs in temporary storage.
-Saving of temporary .fdbs back into .odb files. (Currently a safe state
is not ensured -- I'll probably leave that until later as I'm still
learning quite a lot about how firebird works at the moment)
-First parts of transaction control implemented along with various other
small details (in FConnection).
-Started work on FDatabaseMetaData -- mostly the retrieval of various
Firebird constants so far, partly information from the documentation.
-Rebased onto master on Thursday so that I could make use of some
OUString upgrades in the temporary file helper functions.
-Rebased today since yesterdays master wasn't buildable on windows.

(Development is now probably on feature/firebird-sdbc3 -- I'll remove
the other 2 branches once I've confirmed things build as expected.)

I'm letting my computer prepare a windows debug build now -- this will
probably take the weekend to complete (at least 1.5 days...), meaning
I'll hopefully be able to debug why the driver crashes on Windows at the
start of next week. I'm also setting up a mac build so hopefully we'll
have firebird building on all platforms soon. Once that's done I should
be able to merge back into master.

Currently firebird is configured to build by default (can be disabled
with --disable--firebird-sdbc), however I've changed the default db for
embedded files back to hsqldb for now -- to test embedded firebird
either the appropriate registry key has to be set
(EmbeddedDatabases/DefaultEmbeddedDatabase/Value), or you can open a
previously created embedded firebird .odb file (you can also just
replace sdbc:embedded:hsqldb with sdbc:embedded:firebird in content.xml
immediately after creating a new odb, and then reopen it to load the fb
driver). (The default for new files is hardcoded in



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