Send Feedback...and BSA ideas

Robinson Tryon bishop.robinson at
Fri Jul 12 15:03:38 PDT 2013

On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 5:42 PM, bfo <bfo.bugmail at> wrote:
> jmadero wrote
>> The idea is that if the user chooses to submit without an account, the
>> bug will be reported under a default account (possibly
>> bugs@
>> ), they will be forced to enter an email address and
>> do a captcha - then their email address would go into the bug report as
>> a CC'ed user.
> Hi!
> This idea will not work with default installation - to be CCed, you have to
> be registered Bugzilla user.

Hmm...good to know.

> Entering an email and captcha is not really different than entering email
> and password while creating Bugzilla account (except that captcha is more
> annoying :)).

If the user has to have an account to be cc'd, we could simplify
account creation by auto-generating a password and emailing it to them
(as mailman does).

> This IMHO should be a requirement to process the bug report. There are
> already more than 1000 bugs in NEEDINFO state, so pseudo anonymous bug
> reporting won't help.

Joel -- how goes the bulk-processing of NEEDINFO bugs? I think we now
have a process in place that will scale-up pretty easily, right?


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