Configuring the iOS app to open DOCX files

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Sun Jul 14 01:18:16 PDT 2013


We are working on enhancing the support for mobile, and iOS in particular,
basing our work on the experimental iOS app, and enhancing it, and we
noticed that the iOS app fails to open docx files (we have overriden the
test1.odt file with our own test1.docx file for this). when the app loads,
the screen remains black.

We compiled the app using the autogen settings
./ --build=i386-apple-darwin10.7.0 --host=arm-apple-darwin10

(as you can see, we disabled debug)

Testing and seeing that the Android app successfully opens docx file, we
tried to include the external libraries the Android app includes, which
exist in the iOS app (i.e some of theses libs do not exist after compiling
for iOS).

It did not help. Docx files failed to open as before.

So, what are we doing wrong?
What should we do to make the iOS app open docx files?

Thank you very much in advance


here are the libs includes we added from the Android app compilation:

     { "libcuilo.a", cui_component_getFactory },

     { "libchartcorelo.a", chartcore_component_getFactory },

     { "libembobj.a", embobj_component_getFactory },

     { "libemboleobj.a", emboleobj_component_getFactory },

     { "libexpwraplo.a", expwrap_component_getFactory },

     { "libfastsaxlo.a", fastsax_component_getFactory },

     { "libfilterconfiglo.a", filterconfig1_component_getFactory },

     { "libsotlo.a", sot_component_getFactory },

     { "libsvxcorelo.a", svxcore_component_getFactory },

     { "libspllo.a", spl_component_getFactory },

     { "libtklo.a", tk_component_getFactory },

     { "libucppkg1.a", ucppkg1_component_getFactory },

     { "libwpftdrawlo.a", wpftdraw_component_getFactory },

     { "libwpftwriterlo.a", wpftwriter_component_getFactory },

     { "libwriterfilterlo.a", writerfilter_component_getFactory },

here are the libs included in Android app compilation, and missing from iOS

       { "libbasprovlo.a", basprov_component_getFactory },

       { "libvbaswobjlo.a", vbaswobj_component_getFactory },

       { "libvbaeventslo.a", vbaevents_component_getFactory },

       { "libstringresourcelo.a", stringresource_component_getFactory },

       { "libprotocolhandlerlo.a", protocolhandler_component_getFactory },

       { "libsblo.a", sb_component_getFactory },

       { "libscriptframe.a", scriptframe_component_getFactory },

       { "libdlgprovlo.a", dlgprov_component_getFactory },
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