Weekly report about character border

Zolnai Tamás zolnaitamas2000 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 15 02:24:52 PDT 2013

Hi all,

    In the previous week I started to implement the painting. Some special
problem came up, which might give me a hard time. The first very annoying
one stem from the unpunctuality of the recent border painting (frame
painting). It seems the border primitives are shifted toward the origo with
some twips (1-2). In general it isn't a visible bug but character border
magnifies the problem.
Some screen shot:

    First I got lcl_AlighWidth() and lcl_AlignHeight() methods which make
similar modification on coordinates, however removing them improve the
accuracy (so I don't know why these methods used at all), but it is not
enough. So two thing can be erroneous:
    1, painting of border line primitive
    2, view transformation matrix (twip -> pixel)

Questions of these week.
- In what unit does the geometrical object are?
 (logic\twip, convert to pixels for vcl processor)
- Which part of the text is repainted while typing?
(part of the text portion area, some character position before current
cursor position)
- How does the view changes the painting of objects?
(character border now: when just the part of the text portion is seen on
the screen then the hole border is painted around this part and so border
is in the middle of the portion. Columns with dotted separator line: some
extra dot is painted on the edges of the screen, so scrolling up and down
can make the dotted line more thicker.)
- How change the size of a text portion and make the cursor skip the border
area? (start with SwTxtSizeInfo and SwTxtCursor)

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