[solved] sysui CustomTarget_solaris.mk not working

Gabriele Bulfon gabriele.bulfon at sonicle.com
Tue Jul 16 08:47:31 PDT 2013

I found the reason: the solaris taget mk has errors, and a misterious bug.
1. $(solaris_WORKDIR)/%/mailcap: $(solaris_SRCDIR)/prototype
there's an error here, mailcap should be prototype, the mailcap target is already defined before correctly.
2. $(solaris_WORKDIR)/%-desktop-integration.tar.gz: $(solaris_WORKDIR)/copyright $(solaris_WORKDIR)/pkginfo $(solaris_WORKDIR)/depend $(solaris_WORKDIR)/mailcap $(solaris_WORKDIR)/postinstall $(solaris_WORKDIR)/postremove $(solaris_WORKDIR)/prototype $(call gb_CustomTarget_get_workdir,sysui/share)/%/openoffice.org.xml
the code under this rule is never executed, probably because of the previous mispelling, but also because probably the openoffice.org.xml does not exists.
I tried removing the dependencies one by one, but misteriously the dependencies were executed, but the tar.gz code was never executed after.
By doing gmake --debug=v, I could see that gmake was taking into consideration the target of the
tar.gz, but at the end it was only saying "target done", without executing its code.
The only way I could force execution of the code to build the tar.gz, was to take away all the dependencies, like this:
pkgmk -l 1073741824 -r $(solaris_WORKDIR) -f $(solaris_WORKDIR)/$*/prototype -o -d $(solaris_WORKDIR) ARCH=all VERSION=$(PKGVERSION.$*)
$(GNUTAR) -cf - -C $(solaris_WORKDIR) $*$(LIBO_MAJOR) -desktop-int | gzip$@
Also, pkgmk fails, something is missing, so I just commented it because I don't need old style packages.
If you need the patch files, I have them.
Gabriele Bulfon
16 luglio 2013 13.30.26 CEST
sysui CustomTarget_solaris.mk not working
During install create phase, the sysui CustomaTarget_solaris.mk rule to create the desktop integration tar.gz
is never invoked:
$(solaris_WORKDIR)/%-desktop-integration.tar.gz: ..................
So build fails when trying to cp this file later.
I tried to debug the problem but I still cannot figure out why that rule is never invoked.
Also, I cannot understand why the Module_sysui.mk always runs slackware even when not building for slackware:
$(eval $(call gb_Module_add_targets,sysui,\
CustomTarget_share \
CustomTarget_slackware \
Package_share \
Package_desktop \
$(if $(filter rpm,$(PKGFORMAT)),CustomTarget_rpm) \
$(if $(filter deb,$(PKGFORMAT)),CustomTarget_deb) \
$(if $(filter SOLARIS,$(OS)),CustomTarget_solaris) \
other targets are considered, while slackware is always built.
thanks for any help!
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