LO 4.1.0 : debian desktop integration package

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Jul 18 02:12:15 PDT 2013

Jean-Baptiste Faure píše v Čt 18. 07. 2013 v 10:20 +0200:
> Le 18/07/2013 07:35, Jean-Baptiste Faure a écrit :
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Installation archive for DEB based Linux distributions: until now the
> > package libreofficeX.Y-debian-menus was provided in a subfolder of
> > folder DEBS named desktop-integration.
> > 
> > In the case of LO 4.1.0.z this package is in the DEBS folder. Is it what
> > was expected or is it a bug in the packaging of the RCs?
> I looked at the readme file and, for DEB based distributions, it
> describes the installation according to a desktop-integration subfolder.
> So, what is wrong, packaging or readme file ?

I think that the change was done during gbuildisation but I liked it.

IMHO, the subdirectory was there from historical reasons and was needed
primary for RPMs. We had distro-specific packages in the past for SUSE,
Red Hat, and Mandrive. These packages conflicted. It was helpful to have
them in a subdirecotry. Then you could install the other packages by rpm
-Uvh *.rpm and install the selected desktop integration later.

All distros has supported the freedesktop standard since many years, so
we removed the distro specific packages and left only the universal
freedesktop one.

All normal users should want the desktop integration, so it should be
together with the other packages. Note that it should not conflict with
other LO version or distro specific packages because all the files and
menu entries have been versioned since LO 3.4.

Ah, after talking on irc. There is a problem on Debian. The desktop-menu
package has the following dependencies:

Provides: libreoffice-desktop-integration, libreoffice-unbundled
Conflicts: libreoffice-desktop-integration, libreoffice-debian-menus,
Replaces: libreoffice-desktop-integration, libreoffice-debian-menus

They are from times where the files were not versioned, so they
conflicted with the native Debian packages.

The result is that it conflict with native Debian packages and also with
older LO versions that have the same provides and conflicts.

I am going to remove them and mention this problem at
We should also mention it at

Best Regards,

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