[GSOC] about:config utility - Weekly Report #4

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Fri Jul 19 06:45:18 PDT 2013

Hi Efe,

you wrote:
> -configmgr/source stores codes for taking settings from configxmls,

> -unotools/source/config stores configmgr, and other cxx files. They handle
> settings to use on other parts of the code.
they are basically convenience wrappers, yep

> -configmgr and configItem are important for using the config files in other
> files.
not really - as mentioned on irc, using the plain uno api should work
as well

> -What is XNameAccess and why we use it? (It is not quite important I think
> but I may need it.)
> -Why some cxx files have cfgmgr.cxx in includes and others don't? What is
> the difference of them?
> -What "notify" methods do and how this aspects the behavior of program?
> -Should I need new cxx files for every single options group? Or how much I
> need them in case of ?
> -Which part of code I should use for my project? (I think I need to look
> around configmgr.cxx on /unotools)
> -How options dialog saves new options? Which part of the code it uses? (I
> assume it is same file which loades the settings. And probably I should
> really look into configmgr.cxx)
I think these are mostly distractions - picking the 'new cxx files for
every option group' question, I think there lies madness; what we'd
want is a generic piece of code that handles ~all current and future
settings. Writing dedicated code for new options is exactly not was is
wanted here.

Sorry for the lag in responding - can we sit down today (irc, hangout,
phone) and hash this out quickly please?


-- Thorsten
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