[GSoC] Impress Remote and Bonjour

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Sat Jul 20 01:30:47 PDT 2013

Hi guys,

On Sat, 2013-07-20 at 03:11 +0300, Artur Dryomov wrote:Hi guys,
> I noticed your commit which comments the current discovery service and
> replaces it with the Bonjour calls. Probably it is not a great idea —
> I mean commenting the current version — because it will break all
> Android applications which expect to get responses from server.

	First - Siqi - just to say I've been really impressed with your
work :-) it's great to see the iOS remote looking so nice & making good

>  Or I just don’t understand the idea? I thought Bonjour could work for
> OS X as an addition and not as a replacement.

	I guess we would want to add Bonjour support for all platforms (perhaps
via some cleanish platform abstraction ?) since the iOS remote really
has to use WiFi / Bonjour IIRC to work.

	Siqi - clearly we want to keep back-wards compatibility; though my
greatest concern is only one-directional: IMHO it is trivial for people
to update their remote on their mobile: it's a tiny app and updates in a
few tens of seconds, also I think we can expect them to test that before
they present (at least after a LibreOffice upgrade). So - we should put
most effort into making sure that newer remotes talk to older
libreoffice's - rather than the other way around :-)

> It would be great to hear Michael’s thoughts. Should we CC the devs
> list ?

	Yes of course; I've added that :-)

>  I also thought to place all protocol-related changes to Gerrit and
> discuss them there because it is really easy to break things. Does it
> sound reasonable?

	Well - I'd hate to slow Siqi down - it's great to see the native code
progressing there - but I guess agreeing the compatibility rules before
we get going is prolly a good idea.



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