GSOC work weekly report

Gergő Mocsi gmocsi91 at
Sat Jul 20 04:20:53 PDT 2013

Hi all,
I've got a very productive week. Here's what I've made: replaced the single
ListBox to a Window containing custom ListBox implementation. I've
encountered with several problems around KeyInput function, so I had to
implement key action is PreNotify() function: ESC key closes the window,
tab/space also (beacuse I assume that the user typed in the whole
procedure/function name), not-exsisting procedure types are deleted, the
ListBox filters entries when typing. The window is declared as
boost::scoped_ptr to avoid memory leaks. So it works like in MS basic ide
:D .
Now, to the non-visibe parts. My first "cache" was a single vector
containig a struct: this have chages to use boost::unordered_map, and
wrapped into a class called CodeCompleteDataCache. I got here some link
errors, but thank to Andras I could solve that.
There are some things that I'me thinking on:
- the ctor of CodeCompleteWindow gets an EditorWindow* as it's parameter,
but the only thing I need from it it it's ExtTextEngine, which is a scoped
pointer. Using this inside the CodeCompleteWindow(instreas of storing
EditorWindow*) was a failure. Any advice?
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